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Club Officers Training (COT) 1

East Coast Clubs
Venue: Mingstar Hotel

It was the first time that Lekor Toastmasters Club has play host for the Club Officers Training (COT) in the East Coast. Lekor Toastmasters Club's Immediate Past President, Sea Shin Tyun has been eager to be the host this time around as she believes in bringing the benefit of Toastmasters to the people of Kuala Terengganu. The training was held in Mingstar Hotel on the 5th August, 2012 from 9:15 am till 2 pm.

The COT team consist of Division B Governor Meyyappa, Kak Zaharah Ibrahim, Area B3 Governor Joyce Loh, Area B6 Governor Albert Chua, and Division B East Coast Coordinator Burney Choo. The training was also graced by the presence of Area K1 Governor Karu.
The participating clubs for this COT consist of club officers from Lekor TMC, Kuantan TMC and all the way from Kelantan, Magical Tanah Merah TMC.

COT 1's purpose was to prepare the newly elected Club Officers in their various positions by helping them to understand their roles and responsibilities. However, this COT1 was special. It was not only attended by Club Officers but for the very first time, attended by guests who were not Toastmasters members. One of the guests who attended the training was a singer, Anis Suraya.

Division B3 Governor Meyya started the training with his opening address followed by the session, Charting a Course for Club Success. Subsequently, Kak Zaharah conducted the session on “Motivating Achievement”.

After the break-out session, Div B East Coast Coordinator took the opportunity in his session, “Attracting New Members” to highlight to the guests the many benefits of the Toastmasters program. Following that, Area Governor B3 Joyce Loh explained in details how to do online submission. Division B Governor Meyya conducted a special Evaluation Workshop before concluding the COT training with his closing address.

It has been a successful training with exco members having a much clearer understanding of their roles and responsibilities and with 4 guests signing up as Toastmasters member of Lekor TMC.



At 2.00pm, the efficient SAA, Emil Anthony summoned everyone to be seated. As the snacks were delicious, there were last frantic efforts to finish the last bites on the plate. Then the charming MC, Jennifer Pan, calm and sporting a sweet smile, invited the Organising Chair, Albert Chua to say a few words and to introduce the star of the show, LILY FU.

As the capacity crowd of 61 eager participants was there to see and hear her, Lily jumped straight into action by asking how many versions of the English language are being used in Malaysia. Answers like Manglish, Singlish, Queen’s English and American English were heard. With vibrancy and full of vitality, Lily sailed into the workshop proper stealthily and also dealt with some commonly mispronounced words, vowels, diphthongs and consonants.

True to her professional experience, her gestures, facial expressions, lip synchronisations, positioning of the tongue, intonation, and crisp clear pronunciations with a smiling face made the session highly enjoyable and mesmerising. It was not a ‘hear me out’ 2 hour workshop but one that was full of interaction, giggles and fun. As time passes quickly when one is gainfully engaged, the workshop ended at about 4.30pm with a thunderous applause to a highly informative and educational session.

Comments like, ‘ fantastic presentation’, ‘highly enjoyable workshop’. ‘ opened my eyes and ears’, ‘learned a lot’, ‘never knew that English is so lively’, ‘look forward to attend more sessions’. ‘have to improve myself now’, ‘very motivating and fun’, were some of the statements heard during the interval and at the end of the event.

After presenting Lily with a momento of appreciation, the Organising Chair heartily thanked the participants for their attendance. He also gave his appreciation to the organising team for making the workshop a thunderous success. The host of the venue, Lafarge TMC was also complimented for their support.

Prepared by Albert Chua, Organising Chair.

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