D'Utama TM: January 2009 Meetings

Dear fellow D'Utama Toastmasters & Guests,

Please note of the following D’Utama Toastmasters (DUTM) Club’s meetings in January 2009 – as decided by DUTM Club’s Executive Committees (EXCO).


  • First Thursday – 1st January 2009 (New Year's Day - NO meeting)
  • Third Thursday – 15th January 2009 (Regular Meeting - Workshop by DTM LeAnn Tang on “The Basic Fundamental Elements of Public Speaking”)
  • Fourth Thursday – 22nd January 2009 (Regular Meeting - To replace the fifth Thursday meeting)
  • Fifth Thursday – 29th January 2009 (Fourth Day of Chinese New Year – NO meeting)

If you have any enquiry, please do not hesitate to contact the Club Exco, Teoh Chun Ming (teohchunming@gmail.com) and/or yours truly; for more information. Thank you.

Best regards,
Calvin Lim, ACB
President of D’Utama Toastmasters Club
Email: calvinltl@yahoo.com

"Taking Chances to Share”

Kuching 2009 16th Annual Convention

Dearest members,

Have you been to any toastmasters convention? Yes? You know how great it is and don't miss this one too. Share the FUN with other club members too. If no, seriously consider Kuching 2009 16th Annual Convention! Toastmasters convention is always the event that all of us toastmasters are looking forward for various reasons...you can name them...
  • renewing old ties with your dear friends
  • expand your circle of friends
  • exchange of ideas and experiences with other toastmasters
  • observe how Parlimentary Procedure is observed during District Council Meeting (we don't witness this often, don't miss this)
  • educational workshop that the organizer has arranged for all the members
  • witness 2 great contest...Table Topics Contest and International Speech Contest
  • witness how toastmasters has shaped members into the champion of their own
  • many more that I am not going to list down here, but for you to FEEL it yourself!
Please find some information about the Kuching 2009 16th Annual Convention as follow, or visit the convention official website:

See you all in Kuching!

Announcement from Crystal Toastmasters Club

Dear Toastmasters and Friends,

Kindly find the announcement from Crystal Toastmasters Club as below. Please click on the flyer for enlarged view.

Kuantan Toastmasters' Sacrifice

Dear Kuantan Toastmasters,

"Sacrifice" was the Kuantan Toastmasters Club's theme of the evening on the 5th December 2008. Through the year you guys have truly sacrificed and overcome many challenges to be where you all are today. More of the fruits of your labour were evident that night. Last Friday, The President and Vice President Education of Kuantan Toastmasters respectively, Sarimah bt Morshidi and Gan Poh Lin are on the verge of completing their Competent Communicators manual as they both presented their 9th Speech that day. Sarimah's speech, "From Your Heart" moved the hearts of many who donated to the needs of a poor woman's plight in her speech. Poh Lin's speech, "Save the earth, begin from the simplest" addressed the immediate need to take action and do our part to save the earth. We also heard Toastmasters Ainul who presented her 'P.T.K Experience', the things a governor servant needs to go through in their career.

The club also recognized two of its new Competent Communicators, Sabrina Yap and Kula. It was also the re-birth and start of Advanced Communication Manuals speakers, Vince Lim who presented 'The Roast' from the 'Special Occasions', and Sabrina also made her maiden speech (as a Competent Communicator) presenting the 'Good Will Speech' from the 'Public Relations'. With new Advanced Manual speeches, came advance level evaluations from the three Kuala Lumpur guests (i.e. Division B Governor Zaharah Ibrahim DTM, Area B5 Governor Irene Lee CTM CL, and Area B4 Governor Johnson Yike, ACS ALB), which was slightly meatier in the areas of improvement. (By the way, the speeches & evaluations have been recorded on video ... if the speakers are willing, it can be posted for the world to see *smile*).

December 5th was the 4th meeting at Kuantan Toastmasters Club at the Pahang Ceylonese Association. It was truly fantastic, the room was huge and very comfortable, which I believe will give Kuantan Toastmasters the room for growth in terms of membership. Speaking of which, the club signed a new member that night. At this junction, I would like to thank the Pahang Ceylonese Association for allowing Kuantan Toastmasters Club to have their meeting at their venue. THANK YOU !.

As the Area Governor for Kuantan Toastmasters, honestly speaking the Distinguished Club Program (DCP) points does not mean as much to me as to see the members and club grow. It warms my heart to see the energy, enthusiasm, and commitment the members have shown. You all are truly the stars of East Cost (Peninsula) Toastmasters club.

Yours truly,
Johnson Yike

(from left to right: En. Makmur, Gan Poh Lin, Irene Lee, Mr. Hiew (behind), Sarimah, Vince (behind), Zaharah, Sabrina (behind), Johnson, En Adnan (behind), and Ainul)

Snapshots..."Just Let Your Body Talk"

Dear Toastmasters and friends,

Do you still remember the workshop by Muntoh on Just Let Your Body Talk on 22 Nov 2008?

It was certainly a great workshop that all of us have learnt much and able to help in our future speaking engagement. What happen during the workshop? The following are a few evidence collected during the day:

Photo 1