D'Utama TM: January 2009 Meetings

Dear fellow D'Utama Toastmasters & Guests,

Please note of the following D’Utama Toastmasters (DUTM) Club’s meetings in January 2009 – as decided by DUTM Club’s Executive Committees (EXCO).


  • First Thursday – 1st January 2009 (New Year's Day - NO meeting)
  • Third Thursday – 15th January 2009 (Regular Meeting - Workshop by DTM LeAnn Tang on “The Basic Fundamental Elements of Public Speaking”)
  • Fourth Thursday – 22nd January 2009 (Regular Meeting - To replace the fifth Thursday meeting)
  • Fifth Thursday – 29th January 2009 (Fourth Day of Chinese New Year – NO meeting)

If you have any enquiry, please do not hesitate to contact the Club Exco, Teoh Chun Ming (teohchunming@gmail.com) and/or yours truly; for more information. Thank you.

Best regards,
Calvin Lim, ACB
President of D’Utama Toastmasters Club
Email: calvinltl@yahoo.com

"Taking Chances to Share”

Kuching 2009 16th Annual Convention

Dearest members,

Have you been to any toastmasters convention? Yes? You know how great it is and don't miss this one too. Share the FUN with other club members too. If no, seriously consider Kuching 2009 16th Annual Convention! Toastmasters convention is always the event that all of us toastmasters are looking forward for various reasons...you can name them...
  • renewing old ties with your dear friends
  • expand your circle of friends
  • exchange of ideas and experiences with other toastmasters
  • observe how Parlimentary Procedure is observed during District Council Meeting (we don't witness this often, don't miss this)
  • educational workshop that the organizer has arranged for all the members
  • witness 2 great contest...Table Topics Contest and International Speech Contest
  • witness how toastmasters has shaped members into the champion of their own
  • many more that I am not going to list down here, but for you to FEEL it yourself!
Please find some information about the Kuching 2009 16th Annual Convention as follow, or visit the convention official website:

See you all in Kuching!

Announcement from Crystal Toastmasters Club

Dear Toastmasters and Friends,

Kindly find the announcement from Crystal Toastmasters Club as below. Please click on the flyer for enlarged view.

Kuantan Toastmasters' Sacrifice

Dear Kuantan Toastmasters,

"Sacrifice" was the Kuantan Toastmasters Club's theme of the evening on the 5th December 2008. Through the year you guys have truly sacrificed and overcome many challenges to be where you all are today. More of the fruits of your labour were evident that night. Last Friday, The President and Vice President Education of Kuantan Toastmasters respectively, Sarimah bt Morshidi and Gan Poh Lin are on the verge of completing their Competent Communicators manual as they both presented their 9th Speech that day. Sarimah's speech, "From Your Heart" moved the hearts of many who donated to the needs of a poor woman's plight in her speech. Poh Lin's speech, "Save the earth, begin from the simplest" addressed the immediate need to take action and do our part to save the earth. We also heard Toastmasters Ainul who presented her 'P.T.K Experience', the things a governor servant needs to go through in their career.

The club also recognized two of its new Competent Communicators, Sabrina Yap and Kula. It was also the re-birth and start of Advanced Communication Manuals speakers, Vince Lim who presented 'The Roast' from the 'Special Occasions', and Sabrina also made her maiden speech (as a Competent Communicator) presenting the 'Good Will Speech' from the 'Public Relations'. With new Advanced Manual speeches, came advance level evaluations from the three Kuala Lumpur guests (i.e. Division B Governor Zaharah Ibrahim DTM, Area B5 Governor Irene Lee CTM CL, and Area B4 Governor Johnson Yike, ACS ALB), which was slightly meatier in the areas of improvement. (By the way, the speeches & evaluations have been recorded on video ... if the speakers are willing, it can be posted for the world to see *smile*).

December 5th was the 4th meeting at Kuantan Toastmasters Club at the Pahang Ceylonese Association. It was truly fantastic, the room was huge and very comfortable, which I believe will give Kuantan Toastmasters the room for growth in terms of membership. Speaking of which, the club signed a new member that night. At this junction, I would like to thank the Pahang Ceylonese Association for allowing Kuantan Toastmasters Club to have their meeting at their venue. THANK YOU !.

As the Area Governor for Kuantan Toastmasters, honestly speaking the Distinguished Club Program (DCP) points does not mean as much to me as to see the members and club grow. It warms my heart to see the energy, enthusiasm, and commitment the members have shown. You all are truly the stars of East Cost (Peninsula) Toastmasters club.

Yours truly,
Johnson Yike

(from left to right: En. Makmur, Gan Poh Lin, Irene Lee, Mr. Hiew (behind), Sarimah, Vince (behind), Zaharah, Sabrina (behind), Johnson, En Adnan (behind), and Ainul)

Snapshots..."Just Let Your Body Talk"

Dear Toastmasters and friends,

Do you still remember the workshop by Muntoh on Just Let Your Body Talk on 22 Nov 2008?

It was certainly a great workshop that all of us have learnt much and able to help in our future speaking engagement. What happen during the workshop? The following are a few evidence collected during the day:

Photo 1

Congratulations to Our Achievers!!!

Division B is extending our heartiest congratulations to the following members who have achieved their educational awards recently. The achievement is as at 31st October 2008 as reported in Toastmasters International website. Here it goes OUR Achievers:

Distinguished Toastmasters (DTM)
Soh Fong Wai
(D'Utama Toastmasters Club, Petaling Jaya), achieved on 07/07/2008
G. Jayam (D'Utama Toastmasters Club, Petaling Jaya), achieved on 15/07/2008

Advanced Communicator Gold (ACG)
Lee Wei Seong
(D'Utama Advanced Toastmasters Club, Petaling Jaya), achieved on 17/07/2008
Sharmini Ariaratnam (CIMA Malaysia Toastmasters Club, Petaling Haya), achieved on 26/10/2008
Meyappa Manickam (Deloitte Kassim Chan Toastmasters Club, Damansara Uptown), achieved on 27/07/2008

Advanced Learder Silver (ALS)
G. Jayam
(D'Utama Toastmasters Club, Petaling Jaya), achieved on 07/07/2008

Competent Communicator (CC)
Kulendran Kulasingam
(Vistana Toastmasters Club, Kuantan), achieved on 14/10/2008
Tan Kooi Ching (D'Utama Toastmasters Club, Petaling Jaya), achieved on 25/08/2008
Loi Chia Chun (D'Utama Toastmasters Club, Petaling Jaya), achieved on 25/08/2008
Sin Hui Pei (CIMA Toastmasters Club, Petaling Jaya), achieved on 26/10/2008


Kuantan Toastmasters Club (formally Vistana Toastmasters Club)

Dear Kuantan Toastmasters Members, Mentors and Guests,

This is the first TME write-up since we change our club name (formally known as Vistana Toastmasters Club). I hope this short write up will remind us about to always be positive and keep in touch in this ever changing world.

As we are celebrating our 84th anniversary of Toastmasters International on the month of October, we at Vistana Toastmasters will embark our new chapter in another new venue. 31 Oct 2008, a historic day for Vistana Toastmasters Club. Today we are having our Toastmasters meeting at our new venue at Pahang Ceylonese Club. Inline with our theme of that evening "Change for the Better", we also were inform by our Mdm. President TM Sarimah about the change of our club name. Effective Nov 2008 the club Exco decided to change our club name to Kuantan Toastmasters Club. Truly a big change for us.

It was a great start for us having 7 guests on that memorable evening. We have four guests from Hong Leong group consist of Dennis, Aaron Tee, Mr Lim and Danny. We also have Su Chin @ Susi from P&G, Mr Adnan, a retiree and Amidah, our regular guest. During the Table Topic session four of our guest participates as Table Topic speakers conducted by our President TM Sarimah. It was a well receive session as most of the guest attempted this session for the first time. Well done to all the Table Topic speakers on that evening for a splendid performance especially Aaron Tee who pick up the Best Guest Table Topic speaker. Thumb up for Table Topic Master Sarimah for motivate the Table Topic speakers to "Open their mouth".

In the second part of our meeting, we have 3 assignment speakers who attempted their communication manual. They are TM Fong Siew Ching who is doing her Ice Breaker entitle "Autobiography". It was a short and sweet Ice Breaker by Siew Ching who share with us her background and why she being a Toastmasters. Later, two of our club leaders share with us their Project 8: Get comfortable with visual aids. TM Pohlin with her speech title "Garbage Enzyme, The Savoir" and TM Sarimah with "Cheap but Good". What can I say about their performance is "Magnificent", "Truly great speeches". I should bring a video recorded to capture their excellent speech.

During the evaluation session, all the speakers have been point out their strong point and room for improvements. Above all I feel the members and guests have enjoy the meeting and is good to known two of our guest Amidah and Mr. Adnan is going to be apart of Kuantan Toastmasters club soon. A big thank you to all the role players and speakers that make the meeting a success and memorable. To sum up, I must say thank you to Pahang Ceylonese Club for renting us a good and comfortable meeting place for us to continue our Toastmasters aspiration.

P.S. Thanks to Gunedran for recommend this new venue to us.

Courage to Make a Difference

Your TME,
Vince Lim
31 Oct 2008

Kuantan Vistana Toasmasters new meeting venue is as follows:
Persatuan Ceylon Pahang
A-4834, Tingkat 1,
Lorong Seri Kuantan 25,
Taman Intan,
25250, Kuantan,
Pahang Darul Makmur

Google Map link: here

Two weeks after Divison B HSEC

It’s been about two weeks, however the event is still fresh in my head, mainly because I was the Organizing Chair. This was the first time I organized an event of that size that involved so many Toastmasters clubs. What am I talking about? I’m talking about the Division B Humorous Speech and Evaluation Contest that took place on the 18th October 2008 at Sunway University College.

We had five contestants for each respective contest (who were they? Here). The contestants tickled our funny bones, and got our undivided attention by their memorizing evaluations. In the end, two individuals stood out and become the Champions of Division B. They are respectively:

District 51 Division B Humorous Speech Contest Winner: Sagadevan Singaravelu
Club Number: 5611
Club Name : MAS Mawar Toastmasters Club

District 51 Evaluation Contest Winner: Jessy Chahal
Club Number 5912
Club Name: D'Utama Toastmasters Club

The first runner up to the Humorous Speech Contest is Dennis Wee (D'Utama Advanced Toastmasters Club). He is also the second runner up for the Evaluation Contest.

The second runner up for the Humorous Speech Contest is Chris Chen Siew Yoke (MAS Cempaka Toastmasters Club)

The first runner up for the Evaluation Contest is Kay Wong (Taman Indrahana Toastmasters Club)

Gathering feedback from the audience and role players, I summarized that the event was indeed a successful event with a turn out of approximately 100 people, all nicely packed in Auditorium G. This accomplishment is definitely not the work of only one man and as such I wish to thank the Chief Judge, DTM Ramdas Nayar, his team of mysterious Judges, and my Role players. This indeed is a memorable experience for me and it’s definitely one worthy to be concluded with a smile.

Written by:
Johnson Yike ACS ALB
Organizing Chair
District 51 Division B Humorous Speech & Evaluation Contest

Congratulations to Sharmini, Division B's new born DTM!

Sharmini Helen Ariaratnam, DTM

Achieved many firsts for CIMA Malaysia Toastmasters Club. She was the first Toastmaster member of the club to present her first assignment speech. In that first speech, Sharmini obtained the votes as the best assignment speaker.

In the first year of the club existence, Sharmini was the first member to participate at the Area level for International Speech Contest. The first member of the club to attained Competent Toastmaster (CTM).

Not only CTM, she was also the first amongst the club members to achieve ALL the rest of the awards ie Advanced Toastmaster Bronze (ATM-B) ; Competent Leader (CL) ; Advanced Leader (AL) ; and finally, Distinguished Toastmaster (DTM) .

She was the:
- first club member to sponsor/mentor a club (KLIA TMC)
- first club member to hold office at more than one club, CIMA and KLIA.

In the history of CIMA Malaysia Toastmaster Club, Sharmini was also the first Lady to be appointed as the club President. In addition to that , she was the first club member to be elected as Area Governor (Area B2) and Division Governor (Div B) .

Well the only firsts that Sharmini was beaten to were :
- not the first to win Area level contest
- not the first to proceed to Division level contest
- not the first to bring the club to Distinguished Club
- not the first to bring the club to a perfect 10 Distinguished Club.

as these were all taken by others.

However, Sharmini has the opportunity to be the first club member to :
1) hold office (any post) at District level
2) Win at Division level contest
3) Move on the District, Region, World level contest
4) Win at Division , Region , World level contest

Thus let's challenge and assist Sharmini to attain the above firsts for the club.

Congratulations to you Sharmini!
From CIMA Toastmasters Club
Victor Cheong

Talk on Competent Leadership Manual

Dear Members,

Do you know what is all about the Competent Leadership Manual? Why and how it benefits you? By attempting the Competent Leadership Manual, you benefit in a lot of areas...what are those? Join for the talk and discover that.

Crystal Toastmasters Club is organizing a talk on Competent Leadership Manual, details as follow:

Date: 10th Nov 2008 (Monday)
Venue: Crystal Toastmasters Club, Tropicana Golf Club, Green Room 1
Time: 7.30pm
Contact person: Tan Siew Eng (President) - 019-312 0088, Chin Teng Yong (Toastmasters of The Evening) - 012-250 8848

The flyer is as below, click on the flyer in order to get an enlarged view

See you!

A warm welcome to our new born baby... Handal Group Toastmasters Club!

Dear Toastmasters and Friends,

As mentioned in the recent Divsion Contest that Division B will have a new family member soon...and let us now give our warmest welcome to Handal Group Toastmasters Club that is chartered on 01st October 2008.

The sponsoring clubs are:
(a) D’Utama Advanced (Club No: 7564)
Club President - Deborah Hoe (M: 017 3799515 EM: tm_dfhoe@yahoo.com)
(b) Taman Indrahana (Club No: 5895)
Club President - Yap Choi Woon (M: 012 2687382 EM: cwyycw@hotmail.com)

Individual Sponsors are:
(a) Ivan Yueh Liang Ho of D’Utama Advanced
(M: 012 3292320 EM: ihoyl@pd.jaring.my)
(b) Han Lee Hwee of Taman Indrahana
(M: 012 3385647 EM: leehwee_han@jjsea.com)

Club Mentors are:
(a) Yap Choi Woon of Taman Indrahana
(M: 012 2687382 EM: cwyycw@hotmail.com)
(b) Parasakti Selvaduray of CIMA Malaysia
(M: 019 2272593 EM: sakti@panaron.com.my)
Toastmaster (TM) Barathan Muniyandy
Club Charter President
Charter Members
of Handal Group Toastmasters Club

Congratulations On Your Chartering
By Toastmasters International
As Handal Group Toastmasters Club
( Club No: 1244221)
On 1st October 2008

Division B Council and I with our open hearts welcome Handal Group Toastmasters Club as a member club to our Division B of District 51, Toastmasters International. We are happy to receive you, our first new born baby club for the term 2008/2009. With your arrival, Division B member clubs is now enlarged to 22 members.

All Toastmasters, within and without Division B, are looking forward to receive you as a fellow Toastmaster and also to extend their hands, to the best of their abilities, to guide you along your toastmastering journey of discovering yourself and to find your voice to serve your world.

The Courage To Conquer and the Courage To Make A Difference are within all of us. Whether we want to use them or not is totally our own choice!

Our Best Wishes,
Zaharah Ibrahim, DTM
Division B Governor
Division B Council

P/s: The contact details for Handal Group Toastmasters Club's EXCO is available under the label of "Handal Group Toastmasters Club" or "Clubs in Area B2" (which is located on the left hand panel).

Evaluation Workshop by DTM Lee Swee Seng

Dear Members and Friends,

All of us in Toastmasters have improved through feedback given during evaluation and we keep going back to the club wanted for more. And all of us are learning in how to give a constructive and yet motivating evaluation be it in toastmasters arena or in our life. But sometimes we just dont't know how to achieve that. Evaluation is also one of the crucial skill for a leader. And NOW the question is How to give an effective evaluation?

Division B is now organizing an Evaluation Workshop so members could get better insight about evaluation. Details of the workshop is as below:

Date: 08th November 2008 (Saturday)
Time: 2.00pm ~ 5.30pm
Venue: DKC Office, Level 19, Uptown 1, Damansara Uptown, 1 Jalan SS 21/58, 47400 Petaling Jaya
Investment: RM50 per pax (limited to only 20 pax)

Kindly find the flyer as attached, please click on the flyer in order to get an enlarged view:

See you!

Just Let Your Body Talk by Fong Muntoh (aka Monti)

Dear Members and Friends,

Another event that is brought to you by Division B, and you should not miss this!

What: Just Let Your Body Talk
When: 22 November 2008 (Saturday)
Time: 10am ~ 1pm
Where: Lafarge Malayan Cement, Tioman Room, Level 12, Bangunan TH Uptown 3, Jalan SS21/39, 47400 PJ
Investment: RM40 per pax

Kindly find the flyer as below, click on the flyer to get an enlarged view of the flyer:

See you!

Countdown to Humorous Speech & Evaluation Contest

Greetings Ladies and Gentlemen,

The countdown is ON towards the Division B Humorous Speech and Evaluation Contest.

Venue: Sunway University College (Auditorium 3, Ground Floor)
Time: 2:00PM - Registration starts

Programme: click here to download

* Remember to bring your tickets and Walk-Ins are welcomes.

Division B Humorous Speech & Evaluation Contest - 18/10/2008 (Saturday)

Dear Toastmasters and Friends,

It has been an exciting month for us to move around witnessing contests at various levels. We have seen how members of various clubs competing at club level and then they moved on to area level. What is next after area? Yes, this time the winners at respective areas will be competing at Division level. We have 5 areas in Division B and all areas have completed its Area Contest.

The champions at the area level will move on to Division B contest and you should not have missed this contest! Mark your calendar and BOOK your ticket with us NOW!

Division B Humorous Speech Contest and Evaluation Contest will be held:
Date: 18th October 2008 (Saturday)
Time: 2.30pm
Venue: Sunway University College, No.5, Jalan Universiti, Bandar Sunway, Petaling Jaya
Door Fee: RM10

Winners of respective areas are:

Area B1

Humorous Speech Contest
Dennis Wee Sung Ken, ACS CL (D'Utama Advanced Toastmasters Club)

1st Runner Up
Tan Kian Yoong, ACB,CL (Deloitte Kassim Chan Toastmasters Club)

Picture 1: Dennis Wee (right)

Evaluation Contest
Dennis Wee Sung Ken, ACS CL (D'Utama Advanced Toastmasters Club)

1st Runner Up
Tan Kian Yoong, ACB,CL (Deloitte KassimChan Toastmasters Club)

Picture 2: Tan Kian Yoong (right)

Area B2

Humorous Speech Contest
Sagadevan (MAS Mawar Toastmasters Club)

1st Runner Up
Janet Lim (Lafarge Malayan Cement Toastmasters Club)

Picture 3: Sagadevan (most left),
Janet (2nd fr left)

Evaluation Contest
Gerald Quinten, DTM (MAS Mawar Toastmasters Club)

1st Runner Up
Muhammad-Syafiq, ACB CL (Lafarge Malayan Cement Toastmasters Club)

2nd Runner Up
Victor Cheong, ATMB (CIMA Malaysia Toastmasters Club)

Picture 4: Gerald Quinten (2nd from left)
Victor Cheong (3rd from left)

Area B3

Humorous Speech Contest
Chris Chen Siew Yoke (MAS Cempaka Toastmasters Club)

1st Runner Up
Kay Wong, CTM (Taman Indrahana Toastmasters Club)

2nd Runner Up
Khoo Kai Lee, CC (WDM Toastmasters Club)

Picture 5: Muhammad-Syafiq

Evaluation Contest

Kay Wong, CTM (Taman indrahana Toastmasters Club)

1st Runner Up
Chen Yien Li , CC (WDM Toastmasters Club)

2nd Runner Up
Lim Thian Seng, ACB (Taman Indrahana Toastmasters Club)

Area B4

Humorous Speech Contest
Tengku Shaifudin, ACB (Shah Alam Toastmasters Club)

1st Runner Up
Vince Lim Kan Wee, ACB CL (Vistana Toastmasters Club)

2nd Runner Up
Sabrina Yap (Vistana Toastmasters Club)

Picture 6: Tengku Shaifudin (3rd from right)
Vince Lim (2nd from right)
Sabrina Yap (most right)

Evaluation Contest
Jessy Chahal, CC (D'Utama Toastmasters Club)

1st Runner Up
Eugene Ng, CTM (D'Utama Toastmasters Club)

2nd Runner Up
Sarimah (Vistana Toastmasters Club)

Picture 7: Jessy Chahal (3rd from right)
Eugene Ng (2nd from right)
Sarimah (most right)
Area B5

Humorous Speech Contest
Kamarul Ariffin (KEU Toastmasters Club)

1st Runner Up
Ho Choon Moy (Crystal Toastmasters Club)

Evaluation Contest
Ng Sok Teng (Crystal Toastmasters Club)

1st Runner Up
E.C Tan (Phoenix Toastmasters Club)

Monodrama by DTM Lum Woon Foong

Dear Members and Friends,

Have you ever wanted to learn how to make a literature come alive through your voice, emotions, and movements?

If YES, you must register for the Monodrama session by DTM Lum Woon Foong. The Monodrama session is proudly brought to you by Deloitte KassimChan Toastmasters Club.

Details as follow
Date: 15 Oct 2008 (Wednesday)
Time: 6.45pm ~ 8.30pm (as part of DKC fortnightly meeting)
Venue: Mawar & Melati Room, Level 19, Damansara Uptown 1
Title of Play: Emily of Emerald Hill


Map to Deloitte KassimChan

English Language Workshop

Dear Members and Friends,

Division B and Division W are jointly organizing the "English Language Workshop" that would help you to think creatively in using effective phrases to stir your audience's imagination!

Have you ever encounter these:
(a) How to craft your words in a simply effective manner?
(b) Why are some speakers are able to spin words in the air and articulate their ideas across?
(c) How do you paint pictures in the minds of the audience?
(d) How do you use action and feeling words to invoke an emotional response from the audience?
(e) Learn how to make your communication more colourful by using Rhetorical Devices...

Come and join us!

Date: 26 Nov 2008 (Wednesday)
Venue: Women's Institute of Management, 7, Jln Abang Haji Openg, Taman Tun Dr Ismail
Time: 7.00pm - 9.30pm
Fee: RM20
Speaker: DTM Ho Fong Ming & ATMG, ALB Dr Devikamani Menon

Flyer (page 1)
Flyer (page 2)

Dear Toastmasters and Friends,

It has been an exciting month for us to move around witnessing contests at various levels. We have seen how members of various clubs competing at club level and then they moved on to area level. What is next after area? Yes, this time the winners at respective areas will be competing at Division level. We have 5 areas in Division B and all have completed its Area Contest.

The champions at the area level will move on to Division B contest and you should not have missed this contest! Mark your calendar and BOOK your ticket with us NOW!

Division B Humorous Speech Contest and Evaluation Contest will be held:
Date: 18th October 2008 (Saturday)
Time: 2.30pm
Venue: Sunway University College, No.5, Jalan Universiti, Bandar Sunway, Petaling Jaya
Door Fee: RM10

Who are the champions that will be competing on 18th Oct 2008? The winners for respective areas are as below:

Vistana TM: 20th September: Born Are Our Stars For Vistana Toastmasters Club!

20th September 2008, the day started with a bright sunny morning, many people started their usual Saturday morning; however, four of our dearest members had to wake up early to begin their over 300km journey to KDU, Petaling Jaya, accompanied with them, were their nervous and anxious hearts; with only one intention: to represent Vistana Toastmasters Club in Area B4 Humorous Speech and Evaluation Contest. For the first time ever, in Vistana Toastmasters Club history!! Yes! They are none other than our dearest Vince Lim and Sabrina Yap who took part in Humorous Speech Contest, and Sarimah and Sharifah in Evaluation Contest.

Contestants had to be at the venue slightly earlier that day in order for the organizing committee to determine the contestants speaking sequence, Sarimah was the first contestant for evaluation contest. I still remembered she told me, “I can feel butterflies in my tummy already.” On the other hand, Vince made use of the time before contest to practice again and again, even on their journey to Kuala Lumpur. No one was able to predict how the results will be, they only hope their presentation will turn out smoothly during the contest.

The Humorous contest began about 2.30pm and Vince was the 3rd contestant. In his speech, titled ‘Honored with Humour’, he shared with us about his fear and dilemma when our Area Governor, Johnson suggested to him to join the humorous speech contest. A usual contestants for KTM (Kuda, Toto & Magnum), Vince took Eugune Ng’s advice to put on ‘a stronger pair’ to conquer his fear and move forward to the contest stage to contest!! He definitely did not take the Humorous Speech contest as easy as contesting in KTM, so in the process of polishing his skills from a humour-less to humourous speaker, he smuggled into a school to practice in front of kids audience, because he believed it would be easier to humour kids; as research says, kids laugh or smile more then 400 times daily; unfortunately he frighten them and made them cried. What next? He was banned from entering the school again…… (Opps! Don’t get me wrong. Vince is a nice guy, I am just sharing some of his speech content. And, feedback from the floor was quite good, audience laughing!!) Sabrina was the last contestant with speech title, Dating Vs. Marriage. She shared with us how a sweet elegant lady mimicked the stuns in Bollywood and Hollywood movies when dating with her boyfriend turned into a ‘fierce aunty’ after married with her hubby and three kids, frequently screaming to discipline them all. (Sabrina, I hope those scenes only happened in your speech though, you don’t look that fierce anyhow…)

The end of Humorous Speech contest, marked the moment of relieve for Vince and Sabrina but also marked show time for Sarimah and Sharifah had begin! After listened to the test speaker, Ong Yi Jieh from Sunway Toastmasters. Evaluation contestants were given 5 minutes for preparation. Sarimah was the first contestant, she stood at the lectern and started saying, “Ong, what more can I say about you?! You name already ONG (means lucky in Chinese)”, which made the whole floor laughed, then she continued on to analyzed good and points for improvement for the speaker in her usual vivid way. Followed by Sharifah as the final contestant delivering words of encouragement to the speaker.

After a series of contest, the moment everyone was waiting for, Results Announcement was the most memorable for all of us from Vistana Toastmasters Club!!! It was a moment of glory for all of us!! All because our very own Sabrina and Vince won the 2nd and 1st runner-up for Humorous Speech Contest; on the other hands, Sarimah won 2nd runner-up for Evaluation Contest!!! Yes, the Contest Chair really announced their names as the winners.

Humorous Speech Contest Results
Champion: Tengku Shaifudin (Shah Alam Toastmasters Club)
1st Runner Up: Vince Lim (Vistana Toastmasters Club)
2nd Runner Up: Sabrina Yap (Vistana Toastmasters Club)

Evaluation Contest Results
Champion: Jessy Chahal (D'Utama Toastmasters Club)
1st Runner Up: Eugene Ng (D'Utama Toastmasters Club)
2nd Runner Up: Sarimah Morshidi (Vistana Toastmasters Club)

However, what is the big deal of winning 2nd and 1st Runners-up?! For Vistana Toastmasters Club, winning a trophy not our main focus, being 2nd and 1st Runners-up still a moment of glory, moment of joy and moment of breakthrough. We are still champion in our hearts, because our contestants had conquered their fear, made a big step out there to participate in a contest, first time in their life and first time for Vistana Toastmasters Club. They created a new history to Vistana Toastmasters Club.

Behind the success, it is the special bonding of friendships, encouragements and supports among the members that drive us from a quiet club to a club that finally took a brave step to participate in contest. No forgetting to forward million thanks to our Area Gorvenor, ACS ALB Johnson Yike for encouraging Vistana Toastmasters to participate in the contest. Helpful and constructing inputs from visiting Toastmasters, especially Zaharah, Sue Ding and Sharmini.

Last but no least Vince, Sabrina and Sarimah, Vistana Toastmasters Club is extremely proud of you all! Don’t let this fire of glory slowly fade off with time, together let’s transform it to a powerful energy to drive Vistana Toastmasters to conquer from one peak to another peak. Together we will show that Vistana Toastmasters Club, not only fosters public speaking and leadership skills; but also a club that foster friendships and teamwork.

Proud VPE of
Vistana Toastmasters Club