Keynotes for Division B HSC and EC Contest 24/9/2011

Dear All,

Happy day to all of you.

Finally, the contests were done and over. Thanks to all the people who have worked behind the scene, all the judges, contestants, role players and of course, the audience, for making the contests a success.

Here are the results:

Humorous Speech Contest:

5 contestants, one time-disqualified

Champion: Dennis Wee
1st Runner-up: Johnson Yike
2nd Runner-up: Sarimah Morshidi

Speech Evaluation Contest:

5 contestants, no time-disqualified

Champion: Dennis Wee
1st Runner-up: Ng Sok Teng
2nd Runner-up: Ng Jean Hui

Congratulations to all the winners and all the contestants. Best wishes to Dennis in his upcoming quests to be the District Double Champion...

The roles players for today's contests are:

Toastmaster – Bernard Louis, DTM
EC Contest Chair – Teoh Chun Ming, CC, ALB
HSC Contest Chair – Nancy Liew, ACS, ALB
Sergeant-at-Arm #1 – Ng Siew Tho,
CCSergeant-at-Arm #2 – Thiagarajah Nesan, ACS, CL
Sergeant-at-Arm #3 – Leong Vincent
Ballot Counter #1 – Victor Ong, ACG, ALB
Ballot Counter #2 – Tan Kwee Lan, CC
Ballot Counter #3 – Yap Ying Shuen
Time Keeper #1 – Chan Guan Leong, CTM
Time Keeper #2 – Lai Yoong Hean,
CCTest Speaker for EC – Kenneth Yee
Back-up Test Speaker – Ong Sin Moy

Special GuestSpecial Session (Video & Talk) – Stephen Fernando, ATMB,
CLJudging TeamChief Judge – Francis Ng, DTM (and his team of judges)

Contestants:Speech Evaluation Contestants 2011/2012
Area B1 : Dennis Wee (Alternate: Meyappa)
Area B2 : Ng Jean Hui (Alternate: Victor Cheong)
Area B3 : Sarimah Morshidi (Alternate: Vince Lim Kan Wee)
Area B4 : Nor Lida Dahalan (Alternate: Johnson Yike)
Area B5 : Ng Sok Teng (Alternate: Gan Poh Lin)

Humorous Speech Contestants 2011/2012
Area B1 : Dennis Wee (Alternate: Meyappa)
Area B2 : Han lee Hwee (Alternate: Richard Yeow)
Area B3 : Sarimah Morshidi (No alternate)
Area B4 : Johnson Yike (Alternate: Nor Lida Dahalan)
Area B5 : Chong Mei Wen (Alternate: Karen Goh Mei Ling)

Signing off,
Gan Teong Hock
Organising Chair

Youth Leadership Program

Dear Toastmasters and friends

Crystal Toastmaster Club will be hosting Youth Leader Program. Details as follow :-

Date : 19th November 2011 to 20th November 2011
Venue : Tropicana Golf & Country Resort, Petaling Jaya
Time : 9am to 5pm

For further details, please refer to the brochures as below OR please contact :

Emily Bong - 012-3399238 -
Tan Saw Bee - 012-2028855
Lee Mei Foong - 012-3913269 -

Signing off
Linda Phoon

UPDATE:KL 2012 Convention Ticket Price

Ladies and gentlemen, please note that the ticket price for the KL 2012 Convention is now RM468 until 31st October 2011. Kindly log onto the blog for more information.

REMINDER:District 51- Passion Drive 1 & 2 (Revised Copy)

Dear Toastmasters Members,

District 51 decided to revise the qualifying conditions for both "Passion Drive-1" and "Passion Drive-2" to encourage more clubs to participate, and the respecitve Divisions to support the campaign. Please note that it still runs from July 2011 to 30th September 2011.
Therefore, work together with your club members to go for the extra mile and be proud to own the new TI banner and the TI Gift Vouchers!

Attached are the revised flyers:-

Division B's (Term 2010/11) Appreciation

Dear Fellow Toastmasters and Friends,

The short slideshow is dedicated to the wonderful people who are part of, contributed to, and brighten our journey in Toastmasters District 51, Division B (Term 2010/11).