Club Officer Training Part 2 - 12 January 2013

Club Officer Training 2 East Coast

Club Officer Training (COT) is one of the most profound acronyms in my Toastmaster life. Throughout the years, COT had molded me into a better and effective leader. When I was offered as the organizing chair for COT 2 by Division B Governor DTM Meyyappa, I was worried wheter I'm able to execute the task due to my new portfolio at my workplace. Nevertheless, I agreed as I sure of having helping hands whenever needed.

Prior to the COT 2 on 15 Dec 2012, pre-organising matters was performed by DTM Meyyappa by securing Penapisan Toastmasters Club (PTC) to be the host for the event. Organizing COT is definetely a challenge which I found very rewarding for me upon witnessing the east-coast club officers actively participated in the training.

I liked the Moments of Truth session where new club officers learned about their roles and the existing club officers reviewed and re-strategise their club goals. A big “Thank you” goes to NurulSyahida from PTC for coordinating this COT.

Credit also goes to DTM Zaharah and Area B2 and B4 Governors (Ai Ling and Saw Bee) for their assistance. Thank you Division B and I hope East Coast COT will continue to help toastmasters in east-coast region.

 By Vince Lim (Kuantan TMC) - Organising Chair

Seize The Moment 2 campaign extended till 10th January 2013

Mentoring workshop By Sandra

He is a Professional Speaker, Master Trainer & Security Manager and many more in the list.

On Saturday (1/12/2012), he took some time off to facilitate the workshop where it serves to instil proper Leadership and Mentoring qualities into the participants.

The attendees first had an interactive ice-breaking session where EVERYONE gathered in a Circle and played “Monkey”. After all, when monkey sees, monkey then do. What a way to kick-off the session!

Facilitator Sandra mentioned that we learn through “VARK”. By means of Visual. Aural. Read/Write. Kinesthetic, where some people favour another learning means from the other.

In a one break-up session, teams were rounded to discuss who they deemed Mentor figures in their professional/personal life. Everyone gave their most heart-felt role models who portrayed many qualities of a true Mentor. That gave the session a true context on where Mentors can be found.

Common knowledge recognizes Coaches, Mentors, Counsellors & Leaders; but little did it elaborate on the differences they each hold.

“Coaches inspire & motivate”, “Mentors instruct & guide” were a few of many explanations.

Lastly, when he discussed about handling a Mentee, he proposed being “SMART” about it. The abbreviation spells (Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Realistic, Time-Bound) either wise a misunderstanding on expectation might occur.

Before the day was called to a close, he took many questions.

Overall, the 3 hour session was full of sharing and full of thought provoking life examples where the participants can take home and reflect.

Thank you Sandra for your Time and also Div B for hosting the occasion!

by Zahir (Taylors Uni. TMC)