Workshop: Persuade with Power & Inspire the Audience by LeAnn Tang, DTM

How did great Speakers and Leaders can lead organizations, companies, and even nations to be better then where they are currently at?

Have YOU wonder how YOU can Persuade or Inspire people around you?

Well here is your chance.

D'Utama Toastmasters Club is proud to present to you workshop by
DTM LeAnn Tang
"Persuade with Power and Inspire the Audience"

Date: 13th May, 2009 (Wednesday)
Venue: Room 1.08, KDU College, Petaling Jaya (map)
Time: 7.30pm to 10.00pm
Ticket: RM 15.
* Kindly note that tickets are limited and no walk-ins allowed.
Contact Persons:
Calvin Lim at (012-2023553)
Teoh Chun Ming at (012-2097563)

This workshop is will also be beneficial to Toastmasters who will be attempting Project #9: Persuading with Power and Project #10: Inspire the Audience of the Competent Communicator (CC) manual.

Division B- Realignment of Clubs, Divison Governor Elected & Area Governor Elected for Term 2009/2010

Dear Members of Toastmasters,

At the recent District 51 Council Meeting #2 (17 April 2009) in Kuching, DTM Leong Oi Wah of Ernst & Young's Toastmasters Club (Area W2) & MAICSA Toastmasters Club (Area W5) has been elected as the Division B Gorvernor for term 2009/2010. Congratulations and we definitely will have a great term under the able leadership of DTM Leong Oi Wah.

Besides, the allignment proposal for Division B Area Clubs 2009/2010 has also been approved by the District Council. However, this decision is subject to a final approval by Toastmasters Internation in July 2009. The clubs location by area for the coming term is as follow:

Area B1
Deloitte Kassim Chan Toastmasters Club
D'Utama Advanced Toastmasters Club
MAS Melor Toastmasters Club
Unitar Toastmasters Club (Area Governor home club)

Area B2
CIMA Malaysia Toastmasters Club
MAS Mawar Toastmasters Club
Taman Indrahana Toastmasters Club
Handal Group Toastmasters Club
WDM Toastmasters Club
Pfizer Toastmasters Club

Area B3
Kuantan Toastmasters Club (Area Governor home club)
Penapisan Toastmasters Club
LEKOR Toastmasters Club
FPG Oleochemical Toastmasters Club
Kerteh Toastmasters Club

Area B4
D'Utama Toastmasters Club (Area Governor home club)
Shah Alam Toastmasters Club
KNM Toastmasters Club
Lafarge Malayan Cement Toastmasters Club

Area B5
Crystal Toastmasters Club
MAMTS Toastmasters Club
Phoenix Toastmasters Club
KEU Toastmasters Club
MAS Cempaka Toastmasters Club

The following are the Elected Area Governors 2009/2010 at the various Area Council Meeting:

Area B1
Julian Gan Wi Li, CC of Unitar TmC (Area B1)
Mobile: 6012 225 0460

Area B2
Datin Jacinta Pasupathy, ACB of WIM TmC (Area W4)
Mobile: 6012 267 0629
Office: 03 7981 7171
Fax: 03 7981 8430

Area B3
Vince Lim Kan Wee CTM, CL of Kuantan TmC (Area B4)
Mobile: 6012 983 1638
Fax: 609 513 1092

Area B4
Calvin Lim Teck Lee, ACB of D'Utama TmC (Area B4)

Mobile: 6012 202 3553

Area B5
Jack Leong Yin Kooi, CTM, CL of D'Utama TmC (Area B4)
Mobile: 6019 334 3915

Contact details for Division B Governor, DTM Leong Oi Wah is as follow:
Mobile: 6012 235 3586
Office: 603 7803 1126



Dear Members of Toastmasters,

Toastmasters Can Help People Tackle Global Issues
Read the news by BERNAMA

Kuching Convention: Theme and Attire for Welcoming Nite & Gala Nite

Dear Members of Toastmasters,

Are you all ready for the Kuching Convention on this Friday until Sunday? I am feeling excited about it as I could smell the fun and the great reunion of all the great toastmasters.

We will definitely pick up a lot of learning points from the convention! Not only that, it is also the time for us to renew our old ties and I know that we are going to create a lot of spark in our life.

Lots of program has been arranged for you and me! We should not miss another great contest and don't forget to support our brothers and sisters who are contesting! Your presence makes a lot of different to them!

Please click here for the theme and attire for Welcoming Nite and Gala Nite.

Life is just so wonderful because of you and me, all of us! So go and pack your luggage, see you in Kuching!

Congratulations to D'Utama Toastmasters Club!

Dear Members of Toastmasters in Division B,

Do you know that D'Utama Toastmasters Club from Area B4 has recently garnered the Best Club Website Award as the Third Place Winner (Silver Web)?
The club has won a:

Gold-Tone trophy cup (small) from Toastmasters International for webmaster, and
3 large Toastmasters membership pins for club

All of us in Division B are certainly proud about this as this shows the club commitment in providing the best for its members. The website is used as the platform for communication and recognition for its members and members from other clubs, it is also serve the purpose as the publicity avenue on all the club's activities.

All these will not come into places without the commitment of the club members and especially the webmaster, Vijay Balasegaram.

Congratulations to D'Utama Toastmasters Club on the great achievement and we shall witness the award giving ceremony in Kuching Convention!

See you all in Kuching!

Candidates For DG, LGET, LGM and Division Governor Positions For 2009-2010

Dear Members of Toastmasters,

Kindly find the following candidates for the DG, LGET, LGM and Division Governor positions for the term 2009-2010 as compiled by District Nominating Committee Chair, IPDG KK Chee, DTM.

Chong, Richard R
- Mas Mawar (5611-51)

Letchuman, Thannimalai - YMCA-Penang (5955-51)

Azahari, Mohamad Ariff Irwani- Azam (4904-51)

Abdullah, Mohamad - Malaysian Insurance Institute (8495-51)
Chn'g Beng Tatt, Ricky - YMCA Penang (5955-51)
Lee Ewe Tong - Johor Baru (3406-51)
Ng, Francis - Money Mastery KL (8141-51)

Gontusan, Richard - Kota Kinabalu Advanced (3277-51)
Sarwono, Nono - Jakarta (4067-51)
Soenari , Mien - The Catalyst (7853-51)


Wong, Cindy - Johor Baru (8406-51)
Leong Oi Wah - MAICSA (6985-51)
Huong Chia Hiang, John - Kuching Connections (708110)
Toh Kok Peng- Bintulu (2385-51)
Indriani Asfa - Deli (6313-51)
Ng Cheng Kiat - Johor Baru Mandarin (1538-51)
Koay Kah Hin- Bayan Baru (7764-51)
Lee Chiu Sze, Caren - Premier Advanced (954221-51)
Ong Shiow Yee, Mandy - Satu Hati (444-51)
Lim Seow Hoe- Farlim (811512-51)
Soh Fong Wai - Metropolitan Bilingual (1183411-51)

Note: Division C, I, J, and K will be from floor candidates

From: District Governor Joseph Gomez, DTM

Reformation of District 51

Dear Members of Toastmasters,

Kindly find as follow the message from our District 51 Governor, Joseph Gomez, DTM on the reformation of District 51.

Division B

Dear Members of Toastmasters in District 51,

At the recent Toastmasters International (TI) Board of Directors meeting in February 2009, TI has approved our proposal for the reformation of District 51. District 51 will now start the process on reformation of the district to 2 districts, namely

District 51 Peninsula: will consist of all clubs in Semenanjung Malaysia
District 51 Rest: will consist of all clubs in Sabah, Sarawak, Brunei & Indonesia

The process of this reformation will start in the term 2009 - 2010 and the district will officially function as 2 districts in the term 2010 - 2011.

A detail report that was submitted to the TI Board of Directors is attached for your careful review and understanding.

Please click here to download the report
Thank you.

Kind regards,
District 51 Governor