Past Division Governors/Directors

Sue Ding - DTM
Simply Amazing
Term 2006/2007

"In order to be a better communicator and leader,we need to embrace the CORE values of Toastmasters.From there, we have no choice but become a better person, follower and leader in the making. Toastmasters serve with passion and sincerity. When we help people to grow, we learn and grow ourselves in life, not just communication and leadership skills only. Results will be phenomenal, beyond expectations, never expecting anything in return. Personally, this has proven true as during my term, I had worked with the BEST team who exuded the passion and sincerity, embracing the CORE values of Toastmasters to achieve the BEST results. I have truly learn so much from my Simply the Best Team! Division B, you will always be dearest in my heart. Love you all" - Sue Ding, DTM

Sharmini Ariariatnam - DTM
Term 2007/2008

Zaharah Ibrahim - DTM
Term 2008/2009

Leong Oi Wah - DTM
Magical Empowerment
Term 2009/2010

Irene Lee 
Term 2010/2011

With you holding my hand, how can I go wrong!
With you walking besides me how can I go wrong!
Together we learn not to focus on ME but to implement an irresistible desire to serve, assist, encourage and share in the successes of others.
Together we built friendship, shared learning experience & Together we will be Soaring to Greatness!

Lim Lay Kun, ACB, CL
Term 2011/2012

S. Meyyappa Manickam, DTM
Term 2012/2013
Theme: Breaking Barriers

You will never move forward or achieve success would you stay at the place where you are comfortable or work with only people whom you feel comfortable. It's time to break the barriers and move out from your comfort zone.
Along the journey, you will face dogs barking at you. Should you retaliate, you will never reach your destination.
Whatever happens, never loose your focus and always be creative for different solutions.

Albert Chua,  ACS, CL (Late)
Term 2013/2014 

( In remembrance of his service ) 

Ng Sok Teng
Term 2014/2015

"B The Best"

Teoh Chun Ming, ACB ALB
Term 2015/2016

Zahir Ahmad, ACB, ALS
Term 2016/2017