2014 International Convention in KL!

Dear friends, do you know that 2014 will be a great year for all Toastmasters International clubs in Malaysia?

The 2014 International Convention which is held in North America every year will be held out of US for the first time. Where? It will be in our homeground, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia!

We will not be flying out of the country to watch the international champions, but they will be coming to us instead! This is great news, it marks a new beginning for TI history as well.

It may be two years away from now, but I am already excited. So, spread the news and let's embrace the fact that we will be making KL a well-known place, soon.

Below is the official email from Executive Director, Daniel Rex announcing the 2014 International Convention to be in KL:

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June 25, 2012

Dear Toastmasters,

I have exciting - and historical - news to share with you. For the first time in Toastmasters' history, we will host our International Convention outside North America. After an extensive selection process,Kuala Lumpur, in the country of Malaysia, will be the site for the 2014 convention.

The selection of this Southeast Asian city reflects the global nature of our organization, as well as its evolving membership. More than 30 percent of all Toastmasters now live outside North America, with the greatest area of membership growth in Southeast Asia.

Kuala Lumpur is a wonderful city and we're excited to host our convention there. I'm confident you will enjoy yourself and benefit greatly from the 2014 event.

Kuala Lumpur is high on the list of international travel destinations. It is a thriving metropolis, with dazzling high-rises and a rich cultural scene. The city is a prime international convention site for many reasons. It is centrally located to a broad membership population, which is expected to boost convention attendance higher than it's ever been.

Like Toastmasters International itself, Kuala Lumpur celebrates diversity. KL (as the city is commonlyKuala Lumpurknown) is a melting pot of races and religions that spans Malay Muslims, Chinese Buddhists, Hindu Indians and other groups. Although the principal language is Malay, most Malaysians speak English as well.

KL, the capital city of Malaysia, is safe and clean, and its people are notably friendly. Millions of people from throughout the world visit every year. In 2011, KL staged nearly 80 international association meetings.

The expense of staging the convention outside North America will be largely offset by a number of factors. Food, lodging and travel are relatively inexpensive in KL. The Malaysian government has also provided our organization with generous financial incentives. In addition, the expected record-breaking attendance and a large volunteer force will help defray costs.

The convention meeting place offers excellent access. The Kuala Lumpur Convention Centre and the surrounding hotels, parks and buildings are designed as a vibrant "city within a city," with walking access to scores of shops and restaurants. Kuala Lumpur boasts many top-rated eating spots and an array of scenic sites to visit.

We invite you to be part of our 2014 International Convention in Kuala Lumpur - a groundbreaking event. For more detailed information, visit www.toastmasters.org/2014convention.


Daniel Rex
Executive Director

Club Officers Training 1 Term 2012/13

Dear fellow Club Officers for the new term, register yourselves for the upcoming Club Officers Training 1 to learn about your new roles and responsibilities and prepare yourselves for the new term!

Low Yat Seow DTM is the Presidential Citation Recipient

Low Yat Seow, DTM of D'Utama Advanced Toastmasters Club ( 007564 ) has been selected to receive the Toastmasters International Presidential Citation Award. This Award will be presented at the 81st International Convention in Orlando, Florida in August 2012.

This was Yat Seow message after all the congratulatory message from members of D’Utama Advanced Toastmasters Club.

Dear members of DU Advanced Toastmasters Club;

Thank you for the congratulatory messages that I received; my most sincere thanks from my heart.

Looking back, it all started by a friend, Amy Wan, who asked me to join Toastmasters back in 1994, as I was impressed by her speaking skills when she was an external trainer for the firm which I served.

I assume most of us joined Toastmasters because someone introduced it to us; and that is the magic of sharing.

It was not a single second in my mind when I joined that: I would become a DTM, much less a DG, not even need to mention TI Presidential Citation Award. When I joined, I was only interested to improve my speaking skills.

Another friend, the late DTM Wu Tze Seng, encouraged me to take up leadership role. Along with Wei Seong, we served as Committee members (not even SAA) for one year. I took some roles, the 1st Speech Craft that I took part in: my role was a timer for the entire 2 days. But I learnt to listen.

DTM Subra was the DVG. I attended my first COT under him; and since Committee members were not part of the 7 club officers, I was put, together with Wei Seong, in the SAA group; the trainer was Ramdas (our incoming DG). He explained the role and duties of SAA well.

Then, I served as a Club Secretary. I still remembered Peter helped me to insert the AGM letters and reports inside envelops as I was the Secretary. It was a Sunday and Peter agreed to help me to do 40+ letters.

Later, I served as the Chartered VPE under DTM Chee Wah. He was my President. He can attest how I was then, did not speak a lot in Committee meetings; spoke with little emotions and delivered my speeches by memory.

Then , it was my turn to be the President; and guess what, DTM Sheila was my VPE. She was such a great VPE, not only attractive, but such a good host as we had our Committee meetings in her house in S Jaya and she always treated us with sumptuous food. She also advised me how to dress (at that time, my tie was longer that my belt level). Here it goes: one of the benefits when your VPE is a prof image consultant.

Then, Chee Wah, Peter and I worked together in the Division C Council (back then, there was only one Division in KL/Selangor). The late DTM Wu was the DVG, and I served as the Asst DVG Edu and Training. Along the journey, I met Dr Arul, we helped a new club belonging to a medical university in PJ. Dr Arul was such an eager learner that he even asked me : areas of improvements after he made a speech. In my heart, I was thinking: did I have such credential to advise a doctor and a fluent speaker? So, there is the magic of Toastmasters, sometimes, others can see potential in us that we can not see.

Along the journey again, I met Bernard, Weng Tuck, Ken, Regina (still remember the outstation trips when we travelled as a group on Conventions; it was so fun) and many more.
The most important person whom I will like to thank is: my wife, Waiping. Without her patience and support, I will not be able to achieve what I want to do in Toastmasters. There were certain times in Toastmasters when I was so involved that I spent very little times with the Family, and she looked after that part for me.

I can go on and write my Toastmasters journey; better to keep a stop, and I will like to thank the Creator for introducing me to Toastmasters, I am grateful and blessed to receive such as Award.


Yat Seow

Get Started : Advanced Manuals

Are you one of those who have already completed their Competent Communications manual and still pondering on which manual should be chosen for your advanced toastmaster's journey? Well, here's the thing, thinking won't get you started unless if you put your thoughts into action. Here's a simple guideline for you to get going in your toastmaster's communication track:

1) Read

Remember, we need some knowledge of the subject matter before we can even start thinking, pondering or even ask questions. The first thing you need to do is read. Read the summary of the 15 manuals. Get an idea of what each manual is about. Summary is too short? No problem, request for help from your VPE to provide you with the advance manuals that your club has. If not, check with members who are already doing their advance manuals. Flip through the manuals, read and feel them. Without knowing the manuals, you can't choose, can you? Get started, click here - Toastmasters International Advance Manual Series.

2) Ask

Now that you know the manuals, at least the summary, you need to start asking around for opinions. Ask your mentor, seek for his/her guide and personal opinion. Be sure to remember that his/her opinion may not be the same as yours. Always agree to disagree if that's the case but never let the opinion direct you to a different choice. Talk to other members in or outside the club about the potential manuals you will be choosing. What difficulties did they face? Was it a fulfilling journey for them? Contact your VPE for guidance as well. The end of the tunnel can be a train or the light to freedom, whatever it is, you will reach the end. Therefore, the journey is what matters more. And, gathering opinions can be a way to get you thinking further, but never resort to them when you make your choice. The choice is always yours to make, not anyone else's.

3) Reflect

Go through your Competent Communicator manual. From the first speech to the final, 10th speech. What have you noticed? Did you improved your weaknesses? Read the comments and suggestions. You will get a better idea on your own development with all the feedback given from different evaluators. I believe you will already have two manuals in mind, just look at them and think if this is what you need? If not, open your mind to other manuals. There are 15 manuals to choose from, plenty of choices. Set your goals. Are you doing these manuals for development purposes? If yes, what kind? Do not ever do it only because you want to contribute to the DCP points. No one wants to resent completing the manuals and regret. Take your time to choose, but remember to give yourself a reasonable deadline as well. 

4) Search

Decided? Great. That's already a good start. Now, the tricky part here is that you may not know how to craft your first speech. Go to the Toastmasters International main site and read stories of other toastmasters' journey. You can get valuable ideas from there. For discussions, you can join Toastmasters International group in LinkedIn. There are members around the world who would offer great suggestions. Last but not least, talk to your mentor. He/she will be able to guide you through your advance manuals as well. Just be prepared to absorb, digest and give it your best shot.

5) Start

Got your first speech ready, but you're getting the jitters? We all do and there's nothing to be ashame about that! Since you have come this far, it is time to seek your VPE once again and set a date for your speech slot. Request for help if you have props or need the TME to read out an introduction. I believe everyone will be more than willing to assist you. Always remember that in toastmasters, we learn in a safe and conducive learning environment. Never be shy to ask for your help, because you have nothing to lose. 

I hope this simple guide may help you to get started with your advance manuals, by the next term! That means, start with these guidelines now so that you won't be the one left behind. And besides, who knows? You might be the one inspiring another club member to start with the advance manuals as well. 

Have a great weekend!

NEW! Video Resource from Toastmasters International

Good day to all you eager speakers and leaders! Have you visited the Toastmasters International (TI) site lately? They have something new for us, and you bet it is something great.

There is a new feature which gives your video resources and the current one is 'The Club Experience'. If you are looking to help new members understand toastmasters, this would be a great video to start with.

Click the link below to have a look at some resources in our very own Division B resources page.

Happy exploring! Link - Resources

District 51 Semi Annual Convention 2012

Dear friends, about two months back, we have had a fun and educational time during the District 51 Annual Convention in Sunway Convention Centre. I believe most of us are still very energetic and can't wait for the next convention.

Well, good news folks! The next District 51 Semi Annual Convention 2012 is just four months away! If you have not booked your tickets, better do it now or you'll miss out the chance to catch the best humorous speakers competing for the district title!

Below is one of the promotional flyers to tease your interest. If you want to know more, do visit their website 

Reach Out Campaign

Dear friends, a message from our District 51 LGM 2011/2012:

Here’s rolling out our June’s 'reachOUT series' on club and membership-building!

The rewards are very attractive, so spread the word; and share the benefits of Toastmasters to your network of friends and business associates.

Let’s play our part to recruit more new members and build more new clubs.

Let us also try our best to rebuild clubs by encouraging clubs that have not renewed their membership, to do so immediately.


Your LGM 2011-2012,
Kiang Faang Pyng

A supporting message from our Division B Governor:

Summary of the reachOUT series:

(a) reachOUT30 is for new clubs chartered (this referring to new leads received from 1st June onwards)
(b) reachOUT30i is for reinstated/revived club
(c) reachOUT1300 is for existing clubs recruitment, i.e. new/reinstated members

Please refer to the flyer attached and digest the information. Please feel free to share and blast this to all the members. 

Let's sprint for the final lapse! Let's challenge our limit and experience the quantum leap! We have all benefited from Toastmasters, let's do something for our District.

Let's be part of this GIANT TEAM who will leave our footprints and marks for a very long long time.

Let's do it team...NOW! 


Lay Kun