Past Division B Podium Finishers in District 51


2013: S.Meyyappa Manickam (2nd place)
2012: Dennis Wee (2nd place)
2011: Dennis Wee (2nd place)
2010: Bernard Louis (2nd place)
2006: Kay Wong (3rd place)

Table Topics

2010: G.Sivalingam (2nd place)

The Division is still awaiting for it's 1st District Champion.

Photos of Ipoh convention 2013

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Meyya strike it Well......

It was a battle of 3 immediate past division governors plus another past division governor. Contestants across Peninsular Malaysia were all set for the elusive title.

S.Meyyappa Manickam (Meyya), whom was the flag bearer for Division B evaluation contest, was already have expectations, as Division B has won 2nd place in evaluation contest for the past 3 terms and never in the history a past division governor has won a podium in the district contest.

Just the night before the contest, Meyya got rewarded with his part term hard-work for his President Distinguished Division for term 2012/13. With the spirit and encouragement by Division members and friends from other division geared him for the next day.

Meyya was speech contestant number 2 out of 10 contestant. Being 2nd contestant, he will have 5 minutes for preparation as the same for the rest and additional 3 minutes, where he will be quarantined which can be also used for rehearsal.

As his name was called to present by contest chair, Azizah Hassan, he went up with gusto and cool-down himself with smile. he started with a shock statement of "CRAP", then went on with explanation of the acronym CRAP which was clear purpose, rational organisation, attention grabbing and pause usage.

While he peppered the evaluation with humor, his confidence increased as he got the audiences' support.

He finished strong with a conclusion which relates back to theme of the convention and district, STARS.  As he concluded, it was a arousing applause from the audience.

Now, the results time, as all contestants were eagerly waiting for it. The Chief Judge, Wendy Wong, handed over the results to contest chair. Unfortunately, there were 1 time disqualification.

The 3rd place winner goes to Kyle Tham from KPMG TMC division W whom were contestant number 9.

And the 2nd place goes to S.MEYYAPPA MANICKAM. All the supporters were already greeting and congratulating him, before even he goes to the stage.

The champion was from IEM TMC, Division E, whom were also the contestant number 10.

It's another achievement for Meyya and Division B. Nevertheless, the hunt for 1st District winner from Division B still goes on.

Another Division B representative from Division B, Mirosha Somasundram, got a good exposure by facing seasoned members i.e Loghendran, Swee Keat, Ramakrishnan and Chen Choon.

Change of venue for

Due to unforeseen circumstances, please take note that this Saturday's workshop - 

"How to Craft a Winning Speech-Fast" will not be held in Gamuda but in TAYLOR'S UNIVERSITY LAKESIDE CAMPUS, PJ from 12.30pm to 5.30pm.

Same location as Division B COT 1 and HS&E contest


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Past Division B Evaluation Champions

2013 : S. Meyyappa Manickam (Deloitte Malaysia)
2012 : Dennis Wee (D'Utama Advanced)
2011 : Dennis Wee (D'Utama Advanced)
2010 : Bernard Louis  (D'Utama Advanced)
2009 : Sharmini Helen (CIMA Malaysia)
2008 : Jessy Chahal (D'Utama)
2007 : G.Sivalingam (D'Utama)
2006 : Kay Wong (Taman Indrahana)

Past Division B Humorous Speech Champions

2013 : Mirosha Somasundram (Sunway University)
2012: Yip See See (Crystal)
2011:  Dennis Wee (D'Utama Advanced)
2010: Anna Chin (Phoenix)
2009: Johnson Yike (D'Utama)
2008: Sahadevan (MAS Mawar)
2007: Eugene (D'Utama)
2006: Dominic Joseph (Taman Indrahana)