Club Officer Training Part 2 - 12 January 2013

Club Officer Training 2 East Coast

Club Officer Training (COT) is one of the most profound acronyms in my Toastmaster life. Throughout the years, COT had molded me into a better and effective leader. When I was offered as the organizing chair for COT 2 by Division B Governor DTM Meyyappa, I was worried wheter I'm able to execute the task due to my new portfolio at my workplace. Nevertheless, I agreed as I sure of having helping hands whenever needed.

Prior to the COT 2 on 15 Dec 2012, pre-organising matters was performed by DTM Meyyappa by securing Penapisan Toastmasters Club (PTC) to be the host for the event. Organizing COT is definetely a challenge which I found very rewarding for me upon witnessing the east-coast club officers actively participated in the training.

I liked the Moments of Truth session where new club officers learned about their roles and the existing club officers reviewed and re-strategise their club goals. A big “Thank you” goes to NurulSyahida from PTC for coordinating this COT.

Credit also goes to DTM Zaharah and Area B2 and B4 Governors (Ai Ling and Saw Bee) for their assistance. Thank you Division B and I hope East Coast COT will continue to help toastmasters in east-coast region.

 By Vince Lim (Kuantan TMC) - Organising Chair

Seize The Moment 2 campaign extended till 10th January 2013

Mentoring workshop By Sandra

He is a Professional Speaker, Master Trainer & Security Manager and many more in the list.

On Saturday (1/12/2012), he took some time off to facilitate the workshop where it serves to instil proper Leadership and Mentoring qualities into the participants.

The attendees first had an interactive ice-breaking session where EVERYONE gathered in a Circle and played “Monkey”. After all, when monkey sees, monkey then do. What a way to kick-off the session!

Facilitator Sandra mentioned that we learn through “VARK”. By means of Visual. Aural. Read/Write. Kinesthetic, where some people favour another learning means from the other.

In a one break-up session, teams were rounded to discuss who they deemed Mentor figures in their professional/personal life. Everyone gave their most heart-felt role models who portrayed many qualities of a true Mentor. That gave the session a true context on where Mentors can be found.

Common knowledge recognizes Coaches, Mentors, Counsellors & Leaders; but little did it elaborate on the differences they each hold.

“Coaches inspire & motivate”, “Mentors instruct & guide” were a few of many explanations.

Lastly, when he discussed about handling a Mentee, he proposed being “SMART” about it. The abbreviation spells (Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Realistic, Time-Bound) either wise a misunderstanding on expectation might occur.

Before the day was called to a close, he took many questions.

Overall, the 3 hour session was full of sharing and full of thought provoking life examples where the participants can take home and reflect.

Thank you Sandra for your Time and also Div B for hosting the occasion!

by Zahir (Taylors Uni. TMC)    

Mentoring Workshop

Fellow members of Division B,
As part of our thanks giving and appreciation to your hard work for the 1st half of the term, we would like to offer you a COMPLIMENTARY workshop on mentoring.
The workshop will cover on mentoring individual member and the club.
It will be conducted by District Mentor Chair, DTM Sandra Segaran.
This workshop is exclusively for Division B excoONLY (top 7 exco).
Workshop details:
Date : 1 December 2012 (Saturday)
Time: 2pm till 5pm
Location : Hall C, Level 2, UNIRAZAK (Cap Square), Block C, Jalan Munshi Abdullah, KL.
It's walking distance from Dang Wangi LRT station. Same row as Wilayah Complex.
Evening tea break will be provided.
Kindly confirm your attendance by 28 November

District 51 Humorous Speech and Evaluation Contest 2012


Message from LGET

"Usher the New Year with DCP Special" Education campaign is on!

The focus is on CLUB achievements:

* We wish to encourage our clubs to be at least "Distinguished" with 6 DCP goals, 4 of which
should be EDUCATION goals, by 31 December 2012.

Please take note that the District is not only concerned about meeting our District goals; we are
dead serious about the quality of our clubs and members.

Quality does not start with any campaign, nor does it end with any campaign.
The Campaign is aimed at encouraging our clubs and motivating our members to maximise
their resources, stretch their potential, to exceed all expectations.

* Bearing in mind the need for our Club Officers to be trained and equipped, in order to build our
clubs and nurture our members, we have included "Minimum 4 Officers trained at TLI-2" as
a criteria for clubs to qualify for the Campaign, along with the required education/ DCP goals.

YOU will be delighted to note that, under TLI-2, YOU, as a team, will address the progress of your
club performance; and collectively commit to giving your best to meet or exceed your club goals this term.

Do you know that, in order for the District to QUALIFY to become at least a Distinguished District,
40% of our club base (253) must be Distinguished Clubs?

As at 12 November 2012, 7.51% of our clubs are at least "Distinguished'. We hope that, by
end December, we have narrowed that gap a lot. Can we do it? Sure we can! Can we do it and,
at the same time, improve on the quality of our speeches, sure we can!

This, together with the current marketing campaign, should help District 51 move towards at least
a Distinguished District. Let's do our best!

Your club will be rewarded with the respective education Hampers, consisting of items that support
education and training for your club and members. What a wonderful way
to start your New Year!

Youth Leadership Programme by Taman Indrahana TMC

Contact: Lim Thian Seng (Organising Chair) - - 016-3378809

Happy Deepavali

Usher the New Year with DCP Special" Education Campaign

Power of 3 Workshop by Kay Wong

DIVISION B is back with another Powerful workshop - "THE POWER OF 3" Workshop by Kay Wong.

This is a good opportunity for new members of Toastmasters as well as non-Toastmasters to learn!

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Div B HSE Contest - Results

The Division B Humorous Speech & Evaluation Contest ended with a Bang!  It was a great experience to be entertained by humorous speakers besides learning from insightful evaluators.

It was raining cats and dogs at 1pm, however the rain has not dampened the toastmasters spirit to support the Division B Humorous Speech & Evaluation Contest.

The food came in around 1.15pm. At around 1.30pm, there were already a good crowd waiting anxiously to support their “Idol” or their Area Representative. The contest was called to order by Toastmasters of the day, Yean Yi, at 2pm.

It was an interesting afternoon with a plethora of speeches and evaluations. The audience were filled with laughter as the Humorous Speech Contestant delivered their best humour. The Evaluation Contestants gave their most critical analysis to help the test speaker, a season toastmasters, NJ Singam, to improve on his speech. Judges were having a hard time deciding who the winner is while role players were diligently playing their roles.

At 4.30pm, the results were passed to the Contest Chair by the Chief Judge, Lay Theng. It was the moment that everyone was waiting for. Congratulations to….

Results - Humorous Speech Contest
First Place
Yip See See
Area B5
Second Place
Emil Anthony
Area B3
Third Place
Alex Tan
Area B4
Results - Evaluation Contest
First Place
Dennis Wee
Area B1
Second Place
Paulyn Gan
Area B6
Third Place
Jean Ng
Area B2


Wow!!! Every Area has a representative at the podium finish. Congratulations!!!

My heartfelt thanks to all the role players who made this contest a success. Please help me to acknowledge them.

Chief Judge
Tan Lay Theng
Assistant OC
Joyce Hue
Emcee & SAA
Yean Yi
CC for Humourous
Samuel Selvaraju
CC for Evaluation
Joyce Loh
David Siew
Siok Looi
Jolyn The
Richard Yeow
Sok Theng
SAA - Door
Dr. Villalan Ramasamy
SAA - Quarantine Room
How Lisa
SAA - Overall venue
Dylan Chew
SAA - Food & Cleaniness
Soo Qi
SAA - Mic
Sum Chee
Balot Counter
Eric Low Chern Yuen
Balot Counter
Dr. Thilla
Balot Counter
Rishi Ganesh
Test Speaker
NJ Singam
Back Up Test Speaker
Isaac Wong
Projector & laptop
Kwoon Yuen
Julian, Eric Low
Kwoon Yuen


For those who have missed this contest, please be sure that you’ll not miss the next Division International Speech & Table Topic Contest in 2013.

Prepared by,

Ai Ling

Organizing Chair




Humorous Speech Contest Winners [from left: Alex Tan (Third Place), Yip See See (Champion), Emil Anthony (Second Place); Meyyappa Manickam (Division B Governor), Samuel Selvaraju (Contest Chair)]
Evaluation Contest Winners [from left: Joyce Loh (Contest Chair); Jean Ng (Third Place), Dennis Wee (Champion), Paulyn Gan (Second Place); Meyyappa Manickam (Division B Governor)]

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Areas B3 & B6 Joint Humorous Speech and Evaluation Contest

Early Bird Discounts! Division B Humurous Speech & Evaluation Contest

Club Officers Training (COT) 1

East Coast Clubs
Venue: Mingstar Hotel

It was the first time that Lekor Toastmasters Club has play host for the Club Officers Training (COT) in the East Coast. Lekor Toastmasters Club's Immediate Past President, Sea Shin Tyun has been eager to be the host this time around as she believes in bringing the benefit of Toastmasters to the people of Kuala Terengganu. The training was held in Mingstar Hotel on the 5th August, 2012 from 9:15 am till 2 pm.

The COT team consist of Division B Governor Meyyappa, Kak Zaharah Ibrahim, Area B3 Governor Joyce Loh, Area B6 Governor Albert Chua, and Division B East Coast Coordinator Burney Choo. The training was also graced by the presence of Area K1 Governor Karu.
The participating clubs for this COT consist of club officers from Lekor TMC, Kuantan TMC and all the way from Kelantan, Magical Tanah Merah TMC.

COT 1's purpose was to prepare the newly elected Club Officers in their various positions by helping them to understand their roles and responsibilities. However, this COT1 was special. It was not only attended by Club Officers but for the very first time, attended by guests who were not Toastmasters members. One of the guests who attended the training was a singer, Anis Suraya.

Division B3 Governor Meyya started the training with his opening address followed by the session, Charting a Course for Club Success. Subsequently, Kak Zaharah conducted the session on “Motivating Achievement”.

After the break-out session, Div B East Coast Coordinator took the opportunity in his session, “Attracting New Members” to highlight to the guests the many benefits of the Toastmasters program. Following that, Area Governor B3 Joyce Loh explained in details how to do online submission. Division B Governor Meyya conducted a special Evaluation Workshop before concluding the COT training with his closing address.

It has been a successful training with exco members having a much clearer understanding of their roles and responsibilities and with 4 guests signing up as Toastmasters member of Lekor TMC.



At 2.00pm, the efficient SAA, Emil Anthony summoned everyone to be seated. As the snacks were delicious, there were last frantic efforts to finish the last bites on the plate. Then the charming MC, Jennifer Pan, calm and sporting a sweet smile, invited the Organising Chair, Albert Chua to say a few words and to introduce the star of the show, LILY FU.

As the capacity crowd of 61 eager participants was there to see and hear her, Lily jumped straight into action by asking how many versions of the English language are being used in Malaysia. Answers like Manglish, Singlish, Queen’s English and American English were heard. With vibrancy and full of vitality, Lily sailed into the workshop proper stealthily and also dealt with some commonly mispronounced words, vowels, diphthongs and consonants.

True to her professional experience, her gestures, facial expressions, lip synchronisations, positioning of the tongue, intonation, and crisp clear pronunciations with a smiling face made the session highly enjoyable and mesmerising. It was not a ‘hear me out’ 2 hour workshop but one that was full of interaction, giggles and fun. As time passes quickly when one is gainfully engaged, the workshop ended at about 4.30pm with a thunderous applause to a highly informative and educational session.

Comments like, ‘ fantastic presentation’, ‘highly enjoyable workshop’. ‘ opened my eyes and ears’, ‘learned a lot’, ‘never knew that English is so lively’, ‘look forward to attend more sessions’. ‘have to improve myself now’, ‘very motivating and fun’, were some of the statements heard during the interval and at the end of the event.

After presenting Lily with a momento of appreciation, the Organising Chair heartily thanked the participants for their attendance. He also gave his appreciation to the organising team for making the workshop a thunderous success. The host of the venue, Lafarge TMC was also complimented for their support.

Prepared by Albert Chua, Organising Chair.

Areas B4 & B5 Joint Humorous Speech and Evaluation Contest

Division B Humorous Speech and Evaluation Contest!

Division B Humorous Speech and Evaluation Contest will be coming soon. Witness talented speakers showcasing their wittiness and evaluation skills. Grab your tickets fast!

Date      : 13th Oct 2012
Time      : 1.30pm
Venue  : Taylor’s University Lakeside Campus

Tickets selling at RM10 until 30th Sept 2012, RM15 after 30th Sept 2012.

For more information please Contact
Area B1 Governor, Joyce Hue     - 012 912 6557
Area B2 Governor, Ai Ling            - 012 523 5667  
Area B3 Governor, Joyce Loh      - 016 986 1331
Area B4 Governor, Saw Bee        - 012 202 8855
Area B5 Governor, Sok Teng       - 012 926 3311
Area B6 Governor, Albert Chua - 012 334 1745