Congratulations Loghandran!

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BREAKING NEWS: History rewritten for District 51 in World Championship of Public Speaking (WCPS)
CALGARY, ALBERTA: Finally, finally on August 16 2008, after such a long wait, District 51 finally emerged triumphant in Toastmasters International Olympic of public speaking, the World Championship of Public Speaking (WCPS) . Our speaker Loghandran Krishasamy wowed the audience of 1600 people with his captivating speech “Rhythm Of Life” and was announced as the 1st runner-up. This is the highest honor in international speech contest ever achieved by any Toastmasters in District 51 history.

A few days earlier, Loghandran has created another history by becoming the first Toastmaster in District 51 to qualify for the final of the WCPS. En-route, he won the Inter District contest, also another first. However the human locomotive Loghandran was never going to run out of steam. With another magnificent and almighty effort, he smashed another record in District 51 on August 16 and will forever be remembered as one of the finest speakers from District 51 to grace the world stage.
Congratulations Loghandran. District 51 Toastmasters are immensely proud of you.

Area B3 Humorous Speech & Evaluation Contest

Greetings to ALL from Area B3 "Humorous Speech & Evaluation Contest"!


03 September 08

7:30 pm

Taman Indrahana TMC, Seminar Room, 2nd Flr, Kompleks Sukan IJM-COBRA, 7,Lorong Utara B, Petaling Jaya

RM 10 per pax

"Time is more valuable than MON$Y. You can get more MON$Y,but you can't get more time!" ~ Jim Rohn

Only 3 days left! Never again at this price!

1) Taman Indrahana Toastmasters Club
2) Western Digital Toastmasters Club
3) Pfizer Toastmasters Club
4) MAS Cempaka Toastmasters Club

Want to hear those hilarious jokes from OUR very own high-energy presenters from these Clubs? Learn to speak how to connect with your audience as though you're high on caffeine?

GRAB this opportunity NOW! Tickets are selling fast. Be there or be square!

Don't miss it! See YOU there!

Best regards,
Joyce Tan - ACB/CL
Area B3 Governor

Crystal Toastmasters Club - 11th Installation Night

Crystal Toastmasters Club is inviting you to their 11th Installation Night on 19 Sept 2008 (Friday). The details is as per below flyer (click on the image to enlarge view):

Area B1 Humorous Speech & Evaluation Contest

Dear Toastmasters,

Mark your calendar and witness the Area B1 Humorous Speech & Evaluation Contest! Details as follow:

Contest Details

Map to Deloitte Kassim Chan Office

Vistana TM: 'A New Beginning' on 'A Special Day'

080808, a special day for many people around the World; many couples chose that date to walk down the aisle, and many chose to stay home to watch China Olympic Opening ceremony. Most importantly 080808 marked a special beginning for Vistana Toastmasters Club. Besides having the meeting on this special day, the meeting started at 8.08pm, we had 8 attendee (many others stayed home to watch the Olympic Opening ceremony), and 8 Table Topic speakers.

Although there were only 8 persons attending the meeting, but 'SIZE DID NOT MATTER', the number of attendees did not weaken the 'chemistry' of the meeting. It started with our Madam President, Toastmaster Sarimah sharing her 'Secret'; a book that she read recently. Table Topic Master, Ainul turned all of us into Sportsmen and Sportswomen in the Olympic with her topics that were all related to Olympic games. It ended with wonderful evaluation session conducted by our honourable guest from KL, CTM Parasakti.

So? What's so special about the meeting? First of all, all the Exco members dressed formally that evening for our second purpose; that was to launch our new implementations to improve club performance, and enhance learning curve of Members and Guests.

After all the effort from the team of Vistana Toastmasters Club and guidance from Klang Valley members, we are glad that we see positive results in membership strength and meeting quality. On 8 August 2008, 8.08pm, we officially announced a few changes that we would like to implement in Vistana Toastmasters Club, it might be common things that other strong clubs are doing all the time, but over here we could not due to our membership strength in the past.

The new implementations including the launching of:
No. 1: Mentoring Program,
No. 2: in order to improve meeting quality, we formalized the Role Players' duties and responsibilities, a new Meeting Roster for members to pre-plan speaking slots and roles; and introduced themes for every meeting to add varieties to spice up meeting ambient.
No. 3: Club Website as a place for Vistana Toastmasters to share our Toastmaster-ing experience and nametag to increase the sense of belonging.

080808, marks a brand new beginning to Vistana Toastmasters Club, and this new beginning will pose new challenges for us here to make Vistana Toastmasters Club a better club.

A place where we can Learn, Share, Enjoy and be Proud of.

TME for 080808
Vice President of Education

DKC: Empowering Member's Inner Force Using A-B-C

Dear Members,

How do the leaders in DKC Toastmasters Club empower their members? What made them achieved 10/10 DCP goals for the first time? Read through the following sharing.....

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Crystal TM: Humorous Speech & Evaluation Contest

Crystal Toastmasters Club is proud to announced the following events:

Humorous Speech and Evaluation Contest
Date: 25th August 2008, Monday
Time: 7.30pm

Tropicana Golf & Country
Jln Kelab Tropicana, Selangor, SEL, 47600, Malaysia

(Click on the map above to enlarge the map)

For more information, kindly email to

Message from LGET, Richard Chong

Dear Members,

Please find the message from our LGET, Richard Chong ACS/ALB as attached below. For the educational session handout mentioned in his message below is accessible via link on the right hand panel of this blog. The links are categorized and listed under title "Handouts for education session (International Convention in Calgary, Canada)".


Fellow Toastmasters in District 51,

This year, Toastmasters International is making an effort to reduce the usage of paper at the International Convention in Calgary, Canada.

They were asking all those district officers and Toastmasters members in attendance to select the education session that they plan to attend and print out that speakers' handout and to bring it with them to the Convention as not all speakers are providing handouts.

Below is a complete listing of the 2008 educational sessions and links to all available handouts.
Therefore, we ask you to take opportunity of this great handouts in amplifying the leadership and communication skills in you.

Simply click on that session title to access the handout.Click on the session title highlighted to download a copy of the 2008 speaker handouts. Best Wishes and Keep well always. Please write if need any clarification...

2008 Speaker Handouts

Thursday, August 14, 8:30 a.m. - 9:30 a.m.

David Hobson - "IMPROVing Your Confidence for an Out-of-Club Experience" ~ No Handout
Sheryl Roush - "Sparkle When You Speak"
Dave Sheffield - "5 Sales Secrets for Club or Corporate Success"

Frank Felsburgh - "Listening, the Forgotten Skill"
Thursday, August 14, 10:00 a.m. - 11:00 a.m.

Jeffrey Washington - "Dealing With Difficult People"
Dorothea Hendriks - "Being Engaged Doesn't Always Lead to Marriage: Strategies of Small Talk" ~ No Handout
Carl Duivenvoorden - "From Citizen to Leader: How to Channel Talents that Will Help You Change the World"
Joan Binetti & Jean McAllister - "Recipes for Successful Clubs"

Thursday, August 14, 2:45 p.m. - 3:45 p.m.

Paul Endress - "Persuasion Dynamics: The Art and Science of Persuading Others to Your Way of Thinking"
David McLauren - "Building Bridges with Diverse Cultural Communities" ~ No Handout
Corporate Club Panel (Moderator - Ken Tanner, Panelists - Barbara Jabu, Darlene Porter, Kevin Safinuk) - "Creating Long-term Success in the Corporate Environment" ~ No Handout

Friday, August 15, 11:30 a.m. - 1:00 p.m.

Bob Hooey - "The Power of One! You Can, Do and Will Make a Difference!"
Shawn Doyle - "The 10 Foundations of Motivation"

Saturday, August 16, 1:30 p.m. - 2:30 p.m.

John Kinde - "The Obvious is an Illusion: The Art and Science of Good Humor" ~ No Handout

Saturday, August 16, 3:00 p.m. - 4:00 p.m.

Vikas Jhingran - "Public Speaker - An Emotional Approach" ~ No Handout
Dee Dees - "Finding Speech Topics and Preparing Painlessly"
Gary Ryan Blair - "Your Personal Strategic Plan" ~ No Handout
Panel Discussion (Moderator - Dilip Abayasekara, Panelists - Mona Cooley, Chip Larson, Ray Roman, Kathleen Wong) - "Achieving Success in the Distinguished District Program" ~ No Handout

These handouts will remain available until February 1, 2009.

With Thanks and Gratitude,

Richard Chong @ Ritchie ACS / ALB
Lt.Gov Edu & Trng 2008/2009

Role of Contest Chair

Workshop Date: 01 Aug 2008 @ Lafarge Malayan Cement
Trainer : Ramdas Nayar, DTM

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Role of Chief Judge

Workshop Date: 01 Aug 2008 @ Lafarge Malayan Cement
Trainer : Ramdas Nayar, DTM

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