A warm welcome to our 2nd new born baby...FPG Oleochemicals Toastmasters Club!

Dear Toastmasters and Friends,

Division B has just been blessed with her 2nd baby club in 14th November 2008! Hooray, we have more in our family at this moment. Let us give our warmest welcome to FPG Oleochemicals Toastmasters Club from East Coast!

Details of the sponsoring clubs:
(a) Penapisan Toastmasters Club (Club No: 1166595)
Club President - Kulendran Kulasingam (M: 019-350 8479, EM: kulendr@petronas.com.my)

(b) Kuantan Toastmasters Club (Club No: 1296){formerly known as Vistana Toastmasters Club}
Club President - Sarimah Morshidi (M: 013-931 0014, EM: sarimah@psdc.gov.my)

Individual Sponsors are:
(a) To’Puan Sabariah Muhammad Yusof of LEKOR TmC, Kuala Trengganu
(M: 019-998 6007, EM: rubyusof57@yahoo.com)

(b) Sabrina Boon Fong Yap of Kuantan Toastmasters Club
(M: 019-900 0999 , EM: yapbf@basf-petronas.com.my)

Club Mentors are:
(a) Kulendran Kulasingam of Penapisan Toastmasters, Kertih, Terengganu
(M: 019-350 8479, EM: kulendr@petronas.com.my)

(b) Sarimah Morshidi of Kuantan Toastmasters, Kuantan
(M: 019-9310014, EM: sarimah@psdc.gov.my)

Toastmaster (TM) Suzana
Club Charter President
FPG Oleochemicals Toastmasters Club

Congratulations on your chartering
By Toastmasters International
As FPG Oleochemicals Toastmasters Club
(Club No: 1261902)
on 14th November 2008

Division B Council and I with our open hearts welcome FPG Oleochemicals Toastmasters Club to our Division B of District 51, Toastmasters International. We are happy to receive you, our second new born baby club for the term 2008/2009. With your arrival, the member clubs in the Division is now enlarged to 23 clubs.

All toastmasters, within and without Division B, are looking forward to receive members of your Club as fellow Toastmasters and to extend their hands, to the best of their abilities, to guide all of you along your toastmastering journey of discovering yourself to find your voice to serve your world.

The Courage To Conquer and the Courage To Make A Difference are within all of us. To use them or not to use them is totally our own choice!

Our Best Wishes,
Zaharah Ibrahim, DTM
Division B Governor
Division B Council Members

Another Special Convention Package for Kuching Convention

District 51 16th Annual Convention
Venue: Riverside Majestic Hotel (formerly known as Crowne Plaza Riverside Hotel)
Date: 17th - 19th April 2009

Below is the message from the organizer of the Kuching Convention ...

From January to February 28th 2009, the following special rates are applicable for the convention fee. Normal rate is RM500 per person.

Individual - RM 450 per person
Group of 10 - RM 400 per person

So, please act now, if you have not purchased your convention package.

All bookings of hotel - Please kindly arrange with chris@borneoexplorer.com.my.
As regards to room rates please check it here:http://www.kuching2009.com/index.php?do=venue

Courage to conquer!

Warmest regards,
Clement Pang,
DTMDistrict 51 Public Relations Officer
Want to talk Toastmasters?
Join District 51 Toastmasters Forum at: http://www.tmdistrict51.org/forum

Kuantan Toastmasters: Congratulations Competent Communicators (CC)

Area B4 Governor wishes to acknowledge and congratulate the following members from Kuantan Toastmasters Club who has achieved the award of Competent Communicator (CC)

Kulendran Kula, CC
October 2008

Sabrina Yap, CC
November 2008

Gan Poh Lin, CC
December 2008

Sarimah Moshidi, CC
December 2008