Area B5 Humorous Speech and Evaluation Contest 2010'

Date: 14 August 2010 (Saturday)
Time: 1.30 PM to 5:30PM
Venue: Taylor's Lakeside Campus (map)

Competing Clubs in Area B5:
  • Scope Toastmasters Club
  • Crystal Club
  • KEU Toastmasters Club
  • Mas Cempaka Club
  • Phoenix Toastmasters Club
*Light refreshment will be served during the break.

Here's the attached map, kindly review the new route to Taylor's Lakeside Campus :

MAS Melor Meeting Report

Dear Toastmasters,

Good day to you. Here is the happen in our 1st Mas Melor meeting of the term 2010/2011.

The meeting started with the roar of vuvuzela brought in all the way South Africa during the world cup season.

Our Saa Tm Ganesh Kumar hit the gavel and started the meeting with a smile in his half shaven face and welcomed the entire guest that came for the meeting. Among those who were present was


IPP of Mas Cempaka Emil Anthony, ACS/CL,

Mas Melor president Naeelah Bushra, Tm,

VPPR, Terrence Gomez, Tm

VPE, Thiagarajah, CC

Secretary, Capt.Missman Leham, CTM

Treasurer, Sukdev singh, Tm

Saa, Ganesh Kumar, Tm

Paulson Rose, TM


Stephen Fernando, ATMB, CL

Bernard Louis, DTM

Meyappa Manikam, DTM

Hakim Hamzah, Acb/Als, AG W1

President Naeelah gave her first presidential speech to start off the meeting by thanking everyone for coming. She spoke about how to make the meeting great each time and vow to make a success and eventually working towards achieving Presidents Distinguished Clun status.

Toastmaster of the evening is none other than Meyappa Manikam, DTM who started the meeting going with a marvelous welcome. His voice and poise got everyone’s attention and we all paid attention. He introduces all the role players and had them reading out their roles. He stressed how important the role plays in a typical toastmasters meeting. Before that Meyappa also gave us a brief history of how toastmaster begun and was the achievement till present. He also explains the path to success very precisely. He kept us focus with interval jokes injecting in his role as toastmaster of the evening.

The table topic session started with the President herself, Naeelah Bushra being the topics master. Without hesitation she called Paulson for the first title as he has been missing in action for some time. The topic given to his was (remembering the first day at work).He shared how he felt about on the first day of work like everything still very fresh in mind.

Without hesitation the 2nd speaker was chosen again by the President .The topic given to Tm Sukdev singh(singh is king) is( first day at school).As expected Sukdev spoke with high confidence and a lot of humor.i guess that’s why he was voted the best Table Topics Speaker.

The 3rd speaker is a new member of Mas Melor and have never spoken before .The tile given to him was(the first time you met your girlfriend).Mohd Yunus was very shy as though he was really in that situation and share with us how the girl he met is now his wife. So you can guess the rest of the story right?

Terrence Gomez, Tm, did his 5th speech from cc manual titled THE FIFA WORLD CUP. He explained to us the detail information on how food ball started and how it became famous. It was very informative speech and so much to remember. He was evaluated by Paulson Rose.

The 2nd speaker was Thiagarajah Nesan, cc with his 2nd speech from the Special Occasion Speeches manual. His set the stage as he is a FAM representative from Malaysia who went to South Africa to watch the world Cup matches and was called to give his feedback in the FIFA council meeting on how football inspires him.Thiagarajah begun the speech by thanking FIFA for the invitation. he also mention why he spend so much money coming for the World Cup .The inspiration came from the man called DEIGO ARMANDO MARADONA who displayed exceptional skill at his feet and how he dribbled his way into glory and made Argentina super power in football.Thiagarajah in his speech wore a ski cap signifying his support to Maradona and at the end of the speech blew the famous VUVUZELA to mark gratitude to FIFA for organizing the great event. He was evaluated by DTM Bernard Louis.

IPP of Mas Cempaka, Emil Anthony, Acs/Cl, with his speech entitled PROMISE ARE MEANT TO BE BROKEN got his The Best Speakers of the day certificate. He spoke about how fun it is to break promises. He shared many stories and injected humor and made his speech a fun filled meeting. He was evaluated by Naeelah Bushra.

Choosing the right speech at the right time is what Capt Missman did by doing his 1st speech from the special occasion speeches, mastering the toast. He spoke about how Mas Melor achieved the Presidents Distinguished Club Status. The speeches were to honor the individual who worked hard towards the status.Capt.Missman did a toast and ended his speech. He was evaluated by AG W1 Hakim Hamzah.

Without breaking the promise Toastmaster of the evening, Meyappa Manikam, called for the most exciting moment of the meeting ……….the BREAK.

The food of course with concept of ‘pot luck’ gave a variety of choices.Dougnuts,vadai,putu mayam,fried rice,roti canai,pepper chicken, soft drinks and tea coffee did really filled our stomachs. Some even broke their plate taking heavy loads of …………you know the rest of it.

Saa,Ganesh called to order to start our second half of the meeting. He hand over to toastmaster of the evening,Meyappa Manikam after which he introduced our General Evaluator for our meeting Stephen Fernando,Atmb/Cl.

Stephen Fernando with his usual humor began his job by calling upon our table topic evaluator,IPP Jamila Khan,Acb to give her evaluation.Jamila gave a good evaluation and stated that table topic are good place to start especially for new members .

Stephen then called all 4 evaluaters, Paulson, Bernard, Naeelah and Hakim to give their evaluation. They were all very positive and encouraging. They shared their view and also gave tip to improvise speeches. Bernard was voted again for the evaluation this time. Being a veteran in toastmasters he surely is a professional.

Our policeman, AH_counter man Terrence Gomez gave his report on speech clich├ęs and it appear very few people made very few mistake which is a good sign. This was follow by language evaluators report by Thiagarajah nesan.He also said there was no grammatical errors in the meeting everyone seems to be speaking good English. The word of the day ‘VOLATILE’ was used by 4 people and comments by General Evaluator as the word was difficult to be used by many.

The timer IPP Emil Anthony did a great job in keeping the plan on time. He reported the timing of everyone role players and speaker very precisely and confidently.

General Evaluator wrapped up the meeting saying it was a great 1st meeting for Mas Melor and looking forward for more meeting in MAS.He is also very keen now to join Mas as a Flight Attendant. We wish him luck.

Once again toastmaster of the evening Meyappa Manikam energized everyone in the meeting and inspired the entire new member to follow the journey with fun and passion. He is indeed a great Toastmaster and it was an honor having him for this meeting and looking forward for the future ones….

Mas Melor President Naeelah Bushra gave her closing speech and made some announcement s.He also thanked the entire guess who joints us for the meeting.

Meeting ended at 2033hrs.

….After as usual 2nd round makan Lar………………




18th Semi Annual Convention

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East Coast TLI 1 for Division B

In addition, we are conducting these sessions from 11.00am—1.00pm

1) 'How to make good impromptu speeches",

2) "Evaluated to Motivate" & Table Topic session.

- Dear all, kindly take note that the Venue had been changed.

Date : 31st July 2010 [Saturday]

Venue : Hotel Grand Continental Kuantan,

Jalan Gambut. 25000

Kuantan, Pahang, Malaysia.

[Please see attached map]

Time : 10.30am—11.00am [Registration]

11.00am—1.00pm [Sessions]

2.00pm—6.00pm [TLI]

RSVP : By 23rd July 2010 [Monday]

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