District 51 International Speech & Table Topic Contest

After tough battle, Our Division's rookie, Lim Pei Ying emerged as 3rd place winner for Table Topics Contest. The Champion was season contestant, Cyril Jonas from Division P and Teh Tian Yan from Division E was 2nd place.

The topic was " A promise made is a debt unpaid". It was definitely a District level question which made the contestants to be at mind boggling situation.

For International speech, S.Meyyappa Manickam lost out in a nail biting finish which also proved him as cream of crop for among the District contestants. Battling with former champion, Shankar, past 2 World champion runners up, Pala and Loghan, the battle was really a worth watching affair.

Though Meyya was not placed but has has noting to shy about as his speech did made the audience to be inspired and had strong take home message.

EcoWorld TMC Demonstration Meeting

The Edge Financial Daily, 30 April 2014.

George Yen was present to to officiate the club.