Division P : COT (I) at UPM

Dear all, good day! For those who are moving towards completing their club goals for Passion Drive 1, remember, you need at least 4 Exco members to attend the Club Officers Training (I).

If your officers missed the first one conducted by Division B & C, fret not as we have other divisions that conduct this training. One of them is Division P and the details are as per below:

Thank You Note - Joint COT (i) Division B and C

Dearest leaders,

I would like to extend my heartiest appreciation to all of you for having help out in the grand COT1 last Saturday in Taylor's!

Despite the rally threat, the attendance dropped from 281 to nearly 200! But it was still a great and surprise turnout ! What a wonderful stalwart club officers! Hat-off!!!

I must thank my immediate boss Div B Governor Lim Lay Kun for her guidance and support along the weeks on the overall organizing of COT, and to Calvin who are like olympic runner to ensure signages were appropriately posted at the campus leading the officers to the right place, and picked up the rubbishes at the auditorium at the end of training. And to our awesome emcees Bernard Louis and Leong Vincent, thanks for your prolonged energy that spiced up the audience's mood.

To all the COT facilitators (Div B), Wei Seong, Thian Seng, Burney Choo, Chun Ming, Henry Fu and Hui Shan; you're the core stars of the training. All club officers look up at you and believed that they had brought home your thoughtful sharing, helped them pursuing their portfolio effortlessley.

To TLI Chairman, G Sivalingam and his team Johnson, Soo Ling, Angeline and Joyce from the preliminary stage in firming up the nitty-gritty, made the program a practical and easy to follow manner. And Johnson, being the videographer to capture all the memorable moments.

Last but not least, what we can't missed without if Taylor's University did not provide us the venue for such a wonderful training, great thanks to Stephanie and Leong Vicent !!!

I gained precious experience working with all of you, more delight over few inevitable hiccups throughout the day. Most importantly, your supportive presence was my great present!!!

Thank you and we shall continue to "Begin the End in Mind" with DCP!!!


Division B Exco Members Term 2011/2012

Dear all, Division B proudly presents its new Exco Members for Term 2011/2012 with the new theme 
"Brings Out the Leader in You!"

Kindly click to enlarge 

E Magazine from TI

Dear Toastmaster,

We're proud to announce the debut of the new digital edition of the Toastmaster magazine. Bookmark this page so you can return each month to see the new issue. (Note: the current issue is restricted to Toastmasters members only. Please log in to the website to view it.) All past issues of 2011 are available for everyone to view.

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Daniel Rex
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