Learnig Master from District 51

Led by Past International President Pat Johnson, Learning Masters will work hand-in-hand with the development team as representatives of the membership at large. They will:
  • Share their experience of learning through Toastmasters
  • Provide input about what they would like to see in a Revitalized Education Program
  • Validate assumptions of learning ideas and tools as the project progresses
  • Be the first to try out the updated program as beta testers
The Learning Masters team was planned to include 280 volunteers — 20 from each region.
More than 3,100 applications were received. The selection process was highly competitive and many qualified applicants could not be selected because of the limited number of available positions.
The selection committee chose members of varying education levels, leadership experience, time in Toastmasters and professional backgrounds. The wide-ranging experiences of these Learning Masters will help ensure the development of the revitalized education program takes into consideration the needs of all members.

Learning Masters will complete the following activities:
  • Answer monthly 5- to 10-minute surveys regarding educational materials
  • Respond to questions posted monthly on an online discussion board
  • Share information on how communication and leadership skills are developed in your club
  • Visit at least three clubs to observe differences in how members learn
Throughout the course of the project, this webpage will be updated with details about the work the Learning Masters are doing. In the coming months, profiles of the selected Learning Masters will be posted, so you can learn more about the representatives from your region.

Something from Club building team

Something from LGET

Division B Joint Club Meeting

Please take note, not all clubs are taking part in the event. Some clubs preferred to stay out from the event. Thus, do not assume it's a event organised by the clubs.

The organisers are Area B4 and B5 governor whom are from Crystal TMC.

Past Division B Podium Finishers in District 51


2013: S.Meyyappa Manickam (2nd place)
2012: Dennis Wee (2nd place)
2011: Dennis Wee (2nd place)
2010: Bernard Louis (2nd place)
2006: Kay Wong (3rd place)

Table Topics

2010: G.Sivalingam (2nd place)

The Division is still awaiting for it's 1st District Champion.

Photos of Ipoh convention 2013

Log in to https://www.facebook.com/DivisionB.District51 for more photos.

Meyya strike it Well......

It was a battle of 3 immediate past division governors plus another past division governor. Contestants across Peninsular Malaysia were all set for the elusive title.

S.Meyyappa Manickam (Meyya), whom was the flag bearer for Division B evaluation contest, was already have expectations, as Division B has won 2nd place in evaluation contest for the past 3 terms and never in the history a past division governor has won a podium in the district contest.

Just the night before the contest, Meyya got rewarded with his part term hard-work for his President Distinguished Division for term 2012/13. With the spirit and encouragement by Division members and friends from other division geared him for the next day.

Meyya was speech contestant number 2 out of 10 contestant. Being 2nd contestant, he will have 5 minutes for preparation as the same for the rest and additional 3 minutes, where he will be quarantined which can be also used for rehearsal.

As his name was called to present by contest chair, Azizah Hassan, he went up with gusto and cool-down himself with smile. he started with a shock statement of "CRAP", then went on with explanation of the acronym CRAP which was clear purpose, rational organisation, attention grabbing and pause usage.

While he peppered the evaluation with humor, his confidence increased as he got the audiences' support.

He finished strong with a conclusion which relates back to theme of the convention and district, STARS.  As he concluded, it was a arousing applause from the audience.

Now, the results time, as all contestants were eagerly waiting for it. The Chief Judge, Wendy Wong, handed over the results to contest chair. Unfortunately, there were 1 time disqualification.

The 3rd place winner goes to Kyle Tham from KPMG TMC division W whom were contestant number 9.

And the 2nd place goes to S.MEYYAPPA MANICKAM. All the supporters were already greeting and congratulating him, before even he goes to the stage.

The champion was from IEM TMC, Division E, whom were also the contestant number 10.

It's another achievement for Meyya and Division B. Nevertheless, the hunt for 1st District winner from Division B still goes on.

Another Division B representative from Division B, Mirosha Somasundram, got a good exposure by facing seasoned members i.e Loghendran, Swee Keat, Ramakrishnan and Chen Choon.

Change of venue for

Due to unforeseen circumstances, please take note that this Saturday's workshop - 

"How to Craft a Winning Speech-Fast" will not be held in Gamuda but in TAYLOR'S UNIVERSITY LAKESIDE CAMPUS, PJ from 12.30pm to 5.30pm.

Same location as Division B COT 1 and HS&E contest


Toastmasters E-Magazine

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Past Division B Evaluation Champions

2013 : S. Meyyappa Manickam (Deloitte Malaysia)
2012 : Dennis Wee (D'Utama Advanced)
2011 : Dennis Wee (D'Utama Advanced)
2010 : Bernard Louis  (D'Utama Advanced)
2009 : Sharmini Helen (CIMA Malaysia)
2008 : Jessy Chahal (D'Utama)
2007 : G.Sivalingam (D'Utama)
2006 : Kay Wong (Taman Indrahana)

Past Division B Humorous Speech Champions

2013 : Mirosha Somasundram (Sunway University)
2012: Yip See See (Crystal)
2011:  Dennis Wee (D'Utama Advanced)
2010: Anna Chin (Phoenix)
2009: Johnson Yike (D'Utama)
2008: Sahadevan (MAS Mawar)
2007: Eugene (D'Utama)
2006: Dominic Joseph (Taman Indrahana)

How to Craft a Winning Speech - Fast

Division B Humorous Speech and Evaluation Contest

Humorous Speech Winners

First Place      : Mirosha Somasundaram (Area B6, Sunway University TMC)
Second Place : Nichole Yap (Area B5, Crystal TMC)
Third Place     : S.Meyyappa Manickam (Area B3, Deloitte Malaysia TMC)

Contest Chair : Anna Chin (Area B6 Governor)

Evaluation Contest

First Place      : S.Meyyappa Manickam (Area B3, Deloitte Malaysia TMC)
Second Place : Dennis Wee (Area B1, D'Utama Advanced TMC)
Third Place     : Lily  (Area B5, SCOPE TMC)

Contest Chair : Chironjit Dass (Area B2 Governor)

Chief Judge : N.J. Singam, DTM (Division T Governor)

Congratulations to all the winners. It's the first title for both winners in their respective contest.

Let's support our flag bearer for Division B, Mirosha and Meyya to do well in Ipoh, Semi Annual Convention on November 9 @ 8.30am.

All the best Mirosha and Meyya for the upcoming District Contest.

CC 8, 9, 10” WORKSHOP - encore session on 19 Oct 2013 9am -1pm

Division B Humorous Speech & Evaluation Contest

Whoever wins the Humorous Speech Contest, it will be their 1st ever Division title...

Area B3 Humorous Speech and Evaluation Contest 2013

Date: 24 August 2013
Venue: Taylors University Lakeside Campus
Organsing Chair : Norlida Dahlan
Chief Judge : Emily Bong


Humorous Speech Contest

First Place :  S.Meyyappa Manickam (Deloitte Malaysia TMC)
Second Place : Sarimah Morshidi (Kuantan TMC)
Third Place : Manoharan Veeraperumal (Shah Alam TMC)

Evaluation Contest
First Place :  S.Meyyappa Manickam (Deloitte Malaysia TMC)
Second Place :  Joyce Loh (Kuantan TMC)

S.Meyyappa Manickam will represent the Area B3 for the Upcoming Division Contest on 5 October 2013.

Division B Club Officer Training 1 clips

Division B Club Officer Trainings


  DIV            REGION                  DVG                                   CONTACT                     TLI  DATE
B             East Coast           Albert Chua                        012 334 1745                       14 July 2013
B             Central                 Albert Chua                        012 334 1745                       20 July 2013
C             Central                 Sarah Abedi                       019 601 3073                       20 July 2013
E              Central                 Vallie Dewi                        012 606 7495                       13 July 2013
G             Central                 Ken Chan                             019 263 9998                       13 July 2013
P             Central                 Annette Wong                  012 302 0707                       03 Aug 2013
W           Central                 Eric Low                               016 222 0186                       27 July 2013

Redesigned Dashboards


Fellow Toastmasters of Division B,
It's my final greetings and let me pen it with a strong, happy and winner's feelings.
After 365 days of struggle, sweat and strides, finally it was a sweet finishing. And yes, it's true, Division B became President Distinguished Division for the term 2012/2013 and it's the 7th consecutive time. Of course, 1st by a Male Division Governor and by an GEN-Y in Division B.
Thank you to all my area governors (Albert, Sok Teng, Saw Bee, Joyce Loh, Joyce Hue, and Ai Ling) whom joined hands with me to bring the division to greater heights. No to forget the division council members too whom assisted to their best of ability to hold firm on the division i.e Emil, Victor, Henry, Kwoon Yuen, Jessy, Suhana, Julian, Richard, Stephanie, Vince and Burney. Our synergy, synchronization and correlation made the division and it's activities to be well known among the district members.
Also, thank you to District officers and my advisers whom were always available to give their input (too many to list down*;) winking), whom were supporting me right from the day I was nominated till the final date by giving back additional mental push, assisting in demonstration meetings and role players in Division activities.
Finally, the Division B members itself whom were the nucleus of the division and every move/action reflected the Division's progress.
It was never a easy sail for me right from the date I got nominated (on 31 January 2012) till the final date of the term end (on 30 June 2013). All the stumbling locks I faced became my stepping Stone rather that stopping stone to reach the pinnacle. Even when, there was challenges to take away my concentration towards the finishing line, I stayed strong with my past experience which enabled me to focus till I could see the success.
What have we achieved:
Division Activities
1. Club officer Training 1 ( OC: Sok Teng)
2. Say it Right (OC : Albert Chuah)
3. Division HSE Contest (OC: Ai Ling)
4. Power of 3 (OC : Joyce Loh)
5. Mentoring Workshop (OC : Emil)
6. Club Officer Training 1 East Coast (OC: Burney)
7. Club Officer Training 2 East Coast (OC: Vince)
8. Club Officer Training 2 (OC : Saw Bee)
9. Division ISTT Contest (OC : Joyce Hue)
10. Gen-Y Workshop (OC : Emil)
Club Officer List for term 2012/2013
100% of the clubs submitted the officers list and 93% meet the dateline of 30 June.
October Dues : 86% paid on time
April Dues: 82% paid on time  
Club Officers Training
Round 1: 79% clubs sent minimum of 4 excos
Round 2: 86% clubs sent minimum of 4 excos
Division Targets
Final Status
Distinguished Club
New Members
Competent Communicator
Advance Communicator
Area Governors
Congratulations to Sok Teng and Joyce Loh for achieving President Distinguished Area Governor
Welldone to Joyce Hue, Ai Ling and Albert for achieving Distinguished Area Governor
President Distinguished Club (10/10)
1.       Deloitte Malaysia (Area B1)
2.       D’Utama Advanced (Area B1)
3.       Taman Indrahana (Area B2)
4.       D’Utama (Area B4)
5.       Crystal (Area B5
President Distinguished Club (9/10)
1.       Shah Alam (Area B3)
2.       Sunway University (Area B3)
3.       Lafarge Malayan Cement (Area B4)
4.       MAS Melor (Area B5)
5.       Taylors University (Area B5)
Select Distinguished Club (7/10)
1.       CIMA Malaysia (Area B2)
2.       Phoenix (Area B6)
3.       MAS Cempaka (Area B6)
Distinguished Club (6/10)
1.       SCOPE
Distinguished Club (5/10)
1.       Malaysia Airports (Area B1)
2.       Lafarge Langkawi (Area B2)
3.       MAS Mawar (Area B3)
4.       KEU (Area B5)
Clubs from under charter strength to Charter Strength
1.       Malaysia Airports (Area B1)
2.       Penapisan (Area B2)
3.       SCOPE (Area B5)
Clubs with Net growth of 5 members and above
1.       MAS Mawar (Area B3)
2.       FPG (Area B4)
3.       MAS Melor (Area B5)
Top 5 Clubs with New Members recruited
1.       SCOPE – 29 members
2.       Penapisan – 19 members
3.       Kelly – 17 members
3.    Sunway University – 17 members
3.    DTM – 17 members
New Club for the term
1. Gamuda (Area B2)
2. PMO (Area B3)
3. eCEOs (Area B5)
Area Governor visit
Congratulations to Joyce Hue, Ai Ling, Joyce Loh, Saw Bee, Sok Teng and Albert for submitting the Area Governor visit on time for Round 1& 2 .
Term 2013/2014
Here’s something which was not said to me or my team but I would like to say sincerely, “Kindly support our incoming Division Governor Albert Chuah and his team to develop the strength of the division”
Beribu-ribu Tahniah
Bahagian B Berjaya
Sambutlah dengan meriah
Terima Kasih daripada Meyya